Unlocking All 10 Lore Tablets in Cult of the Lamb

Unlocking All 10 Lore Tablets in Cult of the Lamb 6 - steamlists.com
Unlocking All 10 Lore Tablets in Cult of the Lamb 6 - steamlists.com

Unlocking All 10 Lore Tablets in Cult of the Lamb

Hey friend! Having some trouble collecting those lore tablets for the Holder of History achievement? Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered. Let’s break it down step-by-step so you can unveil all the hidden lore this game has to offer.

Finding the Secret Rooms

Auto Draft 1 - steamlists.com
Auto Draft 1 – steamlists.com

These sneaky hidden rooms can pop up randomly in any dungeon, no matter the area. But how do you spot them? Keep an eye out for unique crown statues in the combat rooms. If you see two statues – one inside the walkable area and one just outside – there’s likely a hidden room! Clear out rocks and stuff in each room to find them more easily.

Equip the Telescope tarot too! It’ll highlight hidden rooms on your map so you don’t miss them. They’ll have a scroll icon. A handy thing to remember: hidden rooms are always north of the room with the statues. If there’s no space on the map there, no need to search!

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Auto Draft 2 – steamlists.com

Getting Inside

When you find a hidden room, smack that statue to activate it! It might take a few whacks. If you see a red beam shoot between the statues – success! Bust through and head on in. At the altar inside, sacrifice a red heart to snag a lore tablet. Rinse and repeat for all 10 tablets, which also unlocks the snake follower form. As the tablets are random, explore those dungeons thoroughly!

Dungeon Graveyards

Dungeon graveyards can also have lore pieces. These special dungeons sometimes pop up on the “?” spaces in crusade maps. You’ll see some graves to dig up. Watch for enemies, but keep digging – you might find lost messages with more lore inside! Unearth all 3 pieces.

Special NPC Rooms

Two lore pieces come from resource rooms with NPCs. Here’s the scoop on those:

Monch’s Room: Look for Monch’s bonfire. Walk behind it to “pick up” a Lore note.

 5 - steamlists.com
5 – steamlists.com


Haro’s Room: If you find Haro’s tent, check behind it for a secret Lore note.

 4 - steamlists.com
4 – steamlists.com

The Meat Room

 3 - steamlists.com
3 – steamlists.com

The special “Meat” resource room also might have a lost message inside. Smash up those meat chunks scattered around, and it could appear!


credit to the Cult of the Lamb fandom wiki [cult-of-the-lamb.fandom.com] for sprite images and some item descriptions

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