Unlock the Secrets of Last Epoch Empowered Monoliths

Unlock the Secrets of Last Epoch Empowered Monoliths 1 - steamlists.com
Unlock the Secrets of Last Epoch Empowered Monoliths 1 - steamlists.com

Unlock the Secrets of Last Epoch Empowered Monoliths

The immense power they possess is truly remarkable!

Getting Started with Empowered Monoliths

So, you’re curious about Empowered Monoliths in Last Epoch, huh? These are not just any old challenge – they’re your ticket to pushing your limits and snagging some cool rewards. Let’s dive into what Empowered Monoliths are all about.

How to Empower Your Monoliths

First things first, you gotta complete a few normal timelines:

Spirits of Fire
The Last Ruin
The Age of Winter

After you’ve checked these off your list, head over to the chest on the central island between the timelines to kick things into high gear.

What’s the Big Deal with Empowered Monoliths?

Curious about the level of Empowered Monoliths in Last Epoch? Well, they start at level 100 with 100 Corruption, and guess what? You can crank up that difficulty for even better loot.

Score Sweet Loot from Monolith Bosses

Wondering what goodies you can get from the Monolith bosses? We’re talking about boss-specific Uniques and beefier Blessings. And keep an eye out for the Shade of Orobyss boss – he’s got some unique items that you won’t find anywhere else.

How Monoliths Work

Monoliths are all about the Echo Web – a maze of Echoes each with their own challenges and treasures. Completing Echoes builds up Stability, leading you to big boss battles and potentially game-changing loot.

Turning on Empowered Mode

Ready to switch on Empowered mode? Once you’ve done the groundwork in the normal timelines, just interact with the chest on the central island. Then, you can choose to tackle the normal or empowered version of each timeline, each with its own set of rules.

The Ultimate Test with Epic Rewards

Empowered Monoliths are where it’s at for the ultimate challenge and the best rewards, like exclusive Uniques and souped-up Blessings. It’s a key part of the endgame in Last Epoch, giving you endless ways to make your character stronger.

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