Dead by Daylight – Chapter: Opera from hell

Daylight – Chapter: Opera from hell 1 -
Daylight – Chapter: Opera from hell 1 -

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This will be a new chapter with 1 survivor and 1 killer
made with my friend ilplayernerd
i made the survivor while he made the killer

Survivor: Ubaldo Renzi

Killer: The Trickster



The survivor name is ubaldo renzi, he is an italian mechanic wich was born in naples in 1987 he worked at a very famous theater in italy and he also was the cause of the death of a famous actor, ever since that day he was never to be seen ever again 
he is a noisy survivor 
long lasting repairs: when you repair a generator for 7/6/5 seconds the perk activates for 10/13/16 seconds, for as long as the perk is activated the aura of that generator is higlighted in white to you and if the killer kicks that generator the generator will start regressing 5/6/7 seconds after the generator got kicked, when the generator gets kicked the aura becomes yellow and will last untill the generator starts regressing "100% italian steel! its as sturdy as hell!" 
Everything’s fixable!: when you get 4/5/6 meters close to a generator wich is blocked by the entity it gets unlocked for as long as you are in range of it but it stops the timer of the entity blocking it and you get a 3/4/5% repair speed buff "pfft.. nothing can stop me, leave it to me!" 
temporary fix: when you repair a generator for 8/7/6 seconds straight you unlock the ability of soft fixing it: if the generator is at 94/90/86 progression rate you can press the activate ability button to activate this perk. when this perk gets activated the generator will be repaired for 12/14/16 seconds and instead of showing a yellow notification it will make a white notification. when this perk is activated it has a 64/54/44 seconds cooldown and the cooldown starts when the effect of the soft repair has ended, when the last generator gets repaired by this perk your aura is show to the killer for 10/9/8 seconds and you get the exposed effect for 15/14/13 seconds and opening the exit gate is 16/13/10% slower but the generator gets fixed permanently "I gotta hurry, the show will be starting soon!" 

The killer

The trickster was an illusionist man that worked in a famous teater in italy but then one day he went victim of an incident wich was caused by an oversight by ubaldo renzi, the tecnician of the theater. 
he was loved by everyone and had a great life but because of ubaldo he lost everything. he tries his best to please the entity and make sure he becomes loved once again by everyone like he used to be when he was alive by using his ability to disguise as other survivors. 
disguise: "acting never fed his emptiness completely, but now he knows how to feed it completely 
while you’re not moving, you can use disguise as the last survivor you interacted with, else you will disguise as a survivor chosen randomly, disguising takes 5 seconds to complete, while disguised: 
-you’re affected with insidious 
-you can’t use your primary attack 
-your height, character model and speed will become the one of the survivor, camera will remain in first person 
-unlocks the ability to sprint, fast vault and vault pallets 
-unlocks the ability to interact with generators, while interact with a generator the generator repair animation will play, and the generator will regress as long as you’re interacting with it, skillchecks won’t trigger 
-unlocks the ability to interact with other survivors, while healing them by failing a skillcheck the interaction will stop, they will get 150% speed boost for 3 seconds and they will be afflicted with the deep wounds status effect for 20 seconds 
while you’re not moving you can undisguise, undisguising takes 5 seconds to complete, while undisguised every change made by disguising is cancelled 
past life memories: "you remember everything you did before getting in this place. 
unlocks potential in one’s aura reading ability. after a completed interaction with a generator past life memories is activated for 5/10/15 seconds, you can see the aura of 1/2/3 survivor within 3/6/9 meter range from the generator" 
quote: "I can still remember what I did back there…" 
overwhelming fate: "everytime a survivor is put into the dying state you gain a token, everytime you get stun a token is consumed and stun duration is decreased by 80%/90%/100%, overwhelming fate has a 30/25/20 seconds cooldown. overwhelming fate is deactivated while carrying a survivor" 
quote: "the more we suffered, the stronger he became" 
return to zero: "after hitting a survivor return to zero activates for 30/35/40 seconds, if a survivor changes health state due to healing while return to zero is active, he return to his previous health state and his aura is shown to the killer for 5/10/15 seconds" 
quote: "no… that can’t be true" 


Map: the theater 
a big theater with a big room in the middle with the stage and a lot of seats maybe a room 15×15 meters a backstage a corridor ma and female bathrooms the entrance an office, some fitting rooms dedicated to the various actors, a room where you control the special effects an more! 
the map will be a theater wich will be in pretty good conditions but pretty dark and with the main colors being red and golden, and there will be a lot of wood too and some red lights to create some atmosphere. 

By Toxic Genrusher Main

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Dead by Daylight – Chapter: Opera from hell, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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