Dead by Daylight – How to use Decisive Strike?

Dead by Daylight – How to use Decisive Strike? 1 -
Dead by Daylight – How to use Decisive Strike? 1 -
How to use Decisive Strike but more serious now.


What is it?

If you are experienced player you can skip this section. For new players though Decisive Strike is perk unlockable by purchasing Laurie Strode and leveling her up to level 40, or buying Halloween DLC in Steam store. It allows you to escape grab of the killer if they are carrying you, It won’t be avtive anymore after 40 (lvl 1), 50 (lvl 2), or 60 seconds (lvl 3) you were unhooked. This perk received nerf recently. Any actions which are not part of evading the killer (healing, unhooking, repairing) will disable your decisive strike. 


Alright now the more important part. Situations where you should use it and when you should not. 
Most of the time you want to use your Decisive Strike instantly when you have the opportunity. But sometimes you should leave it on another time. As you know If you miss your Decisive Strike you can’t use it again, unless you let it pass. Then you can use it again If of course you will have another opportunity . 
These are some situations where you shouldn’t use it: 
-Another survivor have chance to pallet save you, 
-Another survivor have chance to flashlight save you, 
-If you know that another survivor have borrowed time which can be more useful and can guarantee your escape, 
-You are encoutering Myers 
-And the last most useless (I think) is when you are playing with the team and one of you have unhook challange in rift but this one is your choice. 
In any other occasions It should be more worth If you just use it instantly 


Decisive Strike is pretty easy to use. While the killer picks you up, you are presented with a skill check which If you are suceeded in it you escape the grasp. As I said any actions that are not part of evading the killer will disable It. Which means you can’t do any of these things If you want to keep you DS active: 
-Unhook survivor 
-Repair the generator 
-Heal any other survivor or heal yourself (self-care) but other survivors can heal you. 
-Sabotage the hook 
-Clenase totem 
DS dissapears after 60 seconds on tier 3 and 10 seconds less every tier down, after you’ve got unhooked 
Also If you sucess your skill check you become obsession which can be a problem sometimes 

Countering Myers

Myers stalk you. You know that If you encouter him at least once, but If you are obsession he stalks you faster and become more efficient. That means If you are not obsession and you know that he didn’t stalked you long enough and that he can continue stalikng you to tier 3 try to ignore your DS becasue you can save your team by it. Try to do it If he’s not stalking you anymore.Then you can safely become obsession and maybe deny others stalking load. 

Written by Nathan

This is all about Dead by Daylight – How to use Decisive Strike?; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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