Dead by Daylight – Totems in Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight – Totems in Dead by Daylight 1 -
Dead by Daylight – Totems in Dead by Daylight 1 -
This guide is going to teach you about totem



Hello, This guide is going to teach you about the Hexs perks in the game, while also giving some information and tips about it, with my opinion too 
Dull Totems: it has no effect whatsoever it will give you 1k bp for each totem cleansed up to 5k bp (Blood Points) in the boldness category (and so does Hex Totem do) 
Hex Totem: Hex totems are only brought by the killer in their perk selection the Hex Totem will always have an effect, and will curse you, a thunder sound will be globally heard if the Hex Totem was cleansed (Hex Totems are Lit with Fire but Dull Totem are not lit) 
Curse: Hex totems curse you once they are in effect the curse status doesn’t have any effect but it will indicate that you are cursed by a Hex 
Each trial starts with 5 Dull totem 
If the killer brings a Hex perk then there will be a lit totem 
All of these totem have a random spot 
The killer can see the aura of the Hex totems but not the Dull totems 
If the killer does no have any Hex perks, then the Dull totems will have no impact on the game 
it takes 14 seconds to cleanse Dull/Hex Totem (if Hex: Thrill of the Hunt was not involved) and if the survivor is cleansing the totem and then stop cleansing it, it will reset the progress of your cleansing immediately 
None knows what it does, but all we know that it is for survivors and has a Blue fire 

Hex: Third Seal

Hex: Third Seal 
Curse: The Hex will curse you If the killer hits you 
Effect of Third seal
it will permanently prevent you from seeing auras unless you cleanse the Hex Totem 
however there are some auras not blocked 
(Third seal will block hook auras) 
Hex Third Seal will block auras except: 
Alarm Clocks (Freddy) 
Pig Saw Boxs (Piggy) 
Pools of Devotion (Plague) 
And Cages (Pyramid Head) 
Opinion: it’s okay perk, it does what it does it’s good against Rank 20 but it is a Hex so it can be cleansed 

Hex: Ruin

Hex: Ruin 
Curse: You will get cursed by ruin once you touch the generator and leave it 
Effect: the generator will start regressing by 100 (at Tier 1) 150 (Tier 2) 200 (at Tier 3) 
you cannot stop the regressing unless you are repairing 
Opinion: i don’t have a lot to say to this perk, it’s just really good 

Hex: Thrill of the Hunt

Hex: Thrill of the Hunt 
Curse: You will get cursed once you try to cleanse a totem 
Effect: Each Trial there will be 5 totems, meaning 5 Tokens if a totem was broken you will lose a token, for each token 4/5/6 % slow down for cleansing speed totems per token, up to 20/25/30% 
if survivors try to cleanse a Hex Totem, the killer will get a loud nofication 
Thrill of the Hunt will give you a stackable 10% bonus for Bp for the Hunter Category only up to max of 50% 
Opinion: it’s not worth it for the Stackable Bp, it is also has no purpose without another Hex 

Hex: Crowd Control

Hex: Crowd Control 
Curse: once you rush vault a window you will be cursed 
Effect: once you rush vault a window the window will block for 10/12/14 
this can happen to many windows in the same time 
The effect will last as long as the totem is standing 
Opinion: it’s better than bamboozle 

Hex: No One Escapes Death (NOED)

Hex: NOED 
Curse: you will get cursed once the killer hits you when all 5 generators are all done 
Effect: Everyone will get exposed and will be one hit 
the killer can use their alternate power (M2) and the survivors won’t be alerted 
Note: if ALL totems were cleansed then noed will not activate 
Opinion: it’s a crutch perk, it’s very good in lower rank sometimes i would be struggling and i would get 2 kills because of it, however i share the same opinion as Scott in his video 


Hex: Blood Favor

Hex: Blood favor 
Curse: it will curse you if someone/or you gets hit 
Effects: it will block any pallets within 16 meters for 15 seconds it has a cooldown for (60/50/40) 
Tip/Opinion: don’t use this perk it is hella terrible 
good survivors would NOT drop pallets when they get hit they would use the speed boost they get and it has a HORRIBLE cooldown of 40 seconds at Tier 3 
however the only thing it can do that if the survivor got downed on a pallet and Blood Favor activates then it will block the pallet preventing the pallet save but remember it is a Hex it can be broken if you are going to sacrifice a slot for a Hex that is removable then put a good Hex that will do a lot for you, rather than a Hex that is bad and punishs you for using it 

Hex: Haunted Grounds

Hex: Haunted Grounds 
Curse: you don’t get cursed by haunted grounds 
How does it work
Two totems will be lit (it’s from Haunted Grounds) 
if survivors cleanse one of those two lit totems, ALL survivors will get exposed for 40/50/60 
the other lit totem will turn to a dull totem 
Opinion: it’s an eh in my opinion, usually survivors just luckily get my other Hex and leave my haunted Grounds 

Hex: Devour Hope

Hex: Devour hope 
Curse: it will curse you once it has 3 Tokens 
The killer will gain a 3/4/5 Haste Effect after hooking a survivor for 10 seconds, The Effect will last for 10 seconds. ( At 2 Tokens ) 
It will expose you if the killer had 3 Tokens and above. 
the killer will be able to Kill you by his hand if he had 5 Tokens. 
2 Tokens: Haste Effect of 3/4/5 
3 Tokens: Exposed 
5 Tokens: Kill survivors by the killers hand 
the Token 1 and Token 4 do nothing 
Opinion: it’s fun, and also good it is a bit sad that it can be broken but it’s for the good 

Hex: Undying

Hex: Undying 
Curse: it will curse you if you walk within 2/3/4 of a Dull Totem 
Effect: Hex undying will transfer the Hex that was cleansed IF there was a Hex: 
for example if Totem A was a Hex and Totem B is undying if survivors cleanse Totem A, Totem A will transfer to Totem B and it also keep the Tokens that Totem had. 
Ex: Let’s say you have Devour Hope at 4 Tokens and you have undying they break your Devour but your undying gets disabled and transfers your Devour Hope to your Undying Totem with the 4 Tokens 
Opinion: it’s good if you have a totem you really want to defend but bringing it alone is useless 

Hex: Huntress Lullaby

Hex: Huntress Lullaby 
Curse: Hit a skill check if the killer at least has 1 hook or more 
Huntress Lullaby is a skill check Hex it will grow more power if the killer hooks more 
it is a token based hex 
Effect: survivors will get 2/4/6 penalty for fail skill check for generators and healing 
1 Token: it will shorten the skill check warning sound and the skill check by -14% 
2 Token: it will shorten the skill check warning sound and the skill check by -28% 
3 Token: it will shorten the skill check warning sound and the skill check by -42% 
4 Token: it will shorten the skill check warning sound and the skill check by -56% 
5 Token: it will disable skill checks warning 
Opinion: it’s fine against low ranks but it isn’t that amazing against high skilled survivors, they can usually hit skill checks just fine 

Hex: Retribution

Hex: Retribution 
Curse: it will curse you once you cleanse a Dull Totem or when you cleanse a Hex Totem 
Effect: Hex Retribution will reveal all survivors for 10 seconds if they cleanse ANY HEX TOTEM (if Hex: Retribution was not broken) 
it will also make survivors get oblivious effect if the cleanse a Dull totem for 35/40/45 
Ex: if the killer has Hex: Haunted Grounds and Hex: Retribution if survivors cleanse Haunted Grounds then all survivors will be exposed and Retribution will reveal their aura for 10 second 
if survivors cleanse Retribution then all survivors will be revealed their aura for 10 seconds 
in more simpler term: 
Survivors Cleanse Hex Totem (It can be Retribution or any other Hex) 
Survivors get revealed by Retribution for 10 seconds 
Opinion: it’s good but with other perk that secondary effect which is the oblivious one is weak 

Hope you learned about Totems

i tried my best to explain all Hexs, while also giving it my honest opinion and did my research, if i can’t seem to explain it enough, this video that otzdarva made might explain it better 
i hope you learned something from this guide, took me a while to make it 
i might make other guides if people liked this one 
i am going to update the guide every week since i have finished it 
alright then, thank you for checking out this guide! 
link for otz vid (warning this video was from the Descend and beyond chapter) 

might add other languages if i am feeling cute idk 
Turkish translation coming soon 

Written by Mr_Official

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Dead by Daylight – Totems in Dead by Daylight, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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