WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition – Life of a New Wolf

WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition – Life of a New Wolf 1 - steamlists.com
WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition – Life of a New Wolf 1 - steamlists.com

Life of a New wolf since Molly is dead, Delta or better known as Druid Peak 1F will create the druid peak pack from the ashes of its past.


Druid Peak 1F or Delta as we called her, was a newly collared and two-year-old wolf. After the sudden of Molly, another 2-year-old we collared, we heard of a female that dispersed from the Blacktail Deer Plateau Pack and was a descendent of “Casanova”. The team and I were thrilled at the idea of documenting a new wolf, and maybe a wolf that might revive the Druid Peak Pack from the dead!

October 21, 2022

– She quickly left Wapiti Rock, unlike Molly who took longer.
– Delta came in brief contact with Hoodoo 14F.
– She tracked down an elk herd in Wapiti territory but chased the herd into unclaimed land.
– The young female killed an elk calf from the Snowbrush elk herd with minor injuries.
– She marked her territory around the carcass, as though saying “This area is mine now”.
– (night) Delta witnessed a cougar and boar grizzly fighting over her carcass and left the two predators alone *taking a meat chunk with her.
– She slept along the border of Lamar Cliffside Woods for the rest of the night.

October 22, 2022

– She explored along the fringes of Wapiti Woods.
– Delta met another wolf, Prospect Peak 4M, while he was hunting.
– She chased the elk herd away from him and towards Chickberry Ridge.
– She was held up by her hunt by some Quadrant females but quickly fled. Not taking any noticeable injuries.
– Delta caught up with the Serviceberry elk herd and targetted a weakened cow elk.
– She hunted the cow with manageable injuries.
– She later met a pair of Beartooth males, 26M and 25M, both were black-coated (and 4-star diversity)
– Delta and 26M played together, but she seemed more interested in a playmate and chasing ravens.
– Beartooth 26M proved that he had courted her by chasing away his brother.
– The two eagerly explored the cliffsides of Lamar Overlook and Chickberry Ridge.
– (night) The two settled down between Wapiti Woods and Chickberry Ridge and slept during the night.

October 23, 2022

– Delta and Beartooth observed some Hoodoo females failing to hunt an elk herd and a bull moose.
– They waited ’till the wolves had given up before going after the Serviceberry elk herd.
– They killed an elk calf, but Beartooth seemed unsatisfied and tried hunting the mother until Delta called him back.
– (night) She and 26M explored the hills, forests, and cliffs of Amethyst Mountain. They also “played” with elk herds along with mule deer does and their calves by chasing them.

Info Gathered

We’ve come to the conclusion that Delta is rather lazy, resting a lot during hunts and never fighting wolves, cougars, etc, over her carcasses. She is quite adventurous, traveling throughout Amethyst Mountain, unlike Molly who stayed between The Burn and Lamar Overlook. We worry that her reluctance to fight anything her size her bigger will be a problem when defending her pups (If she has any), but her curiosity when observing other wolves hunting, fighting, courting, or even just walking amuses us.
Beartooth, however, is never satisfied and seems to be a sport hunter. He often chases more prey when they have finished or are even resting, but he matches Delta’s endurance and curiosity stride for stride. He seems somewhat scared of rocks and has a distaste for rabbits, you’ll see why soon enough. While Delta seems unimpressed at this, she will climb on rocks and jump at him, endlessly entertaining us.

(This is somewhat realistic in real wolves, they seem to have games of their own such as tag and chase steal each other’s food. I recommend reading: The Wisdom of Wolves, Lessons from the Sawtooth Pack, it’s really good.)
words in ( ) mean what has happened irl or my opinions. Once again, like Mollies’ 1F, her life is not planned out and I have no control over what happens in her life. Delta’s story is still going as of March 26, 2022.)

October 24, 2022

– The two headed down the cliffs, practically sliding.
– Delta and Beartooth passed through Boulder Valley; Delta leaping over them and chasing rabbits while Beartooth tip-toed around them like a pup. (She wasn’t impressed).
– Later they began frolicking on a hillside, locked in a game of Wolf Tag.
– The two took their first sprints in Lamar Valley.
– They later found themselves in Junction Butte territory.
– Delta and Beartooth chased a mother and her fawn but were too tired to pursue a healthy mother and her fawn.
– Fortunately, they found an orphaned fawn and chased after that one instead. (I was surprised the fawn had no mother.)
– After 15 minutes of chasing it, 26M caught up to it and injured it enough to wear it slowed down for Delta to catch up.
– It seemed as though they would have a meal on their paws, but two Junction Butte females caught up to them and began attacking Delta and Beartooth.
– Delta was injured and tired (low on stamina) she was slowing, we feared another young wolf would die.
– Suddenly Beartooth turned and attacked 4F, leaving Delta to escape. He fiercely fought them long enough for Delta to get away. (I was sitting there with my jaw open, he sacrificed himself for her! I never had a wolf that did that.)
– Delta waited patiently for him outside Junction Territory, and he came after a few minutes. Behind him were a pair of furious females waiting for him to return inside their boundaries.
– She and Beartooth harassed the females before fleeing back towards the cliffs.
– The two slept on a hillside overlooking Junction Butte territory.
– (night) Druid 1F and Beartooth 26M observed the Twinberry and Danbrush bull elk herds grazing.
– The two met a pair of Hayden females and chased them off.
– They hunted an elk calf from the Serviceberry herd without much trouble. (It’s always Serviceberry)
– Delta licked Beartooth’s muzzle and he did the same, signaling their bond and became mates! We decided to call him Ranger 1M after his amazing hunting skill.
– They traveled along the shore of Lamar River and hunted a beaver.

Lost Collar!

Our collar stopped working after the two started a mock-fight in Lamar River, it is unknown whether the water or their rough-housing broke it. But we lost her at the beginning of November, and we haven’t tracked her adventures throughout the whole month.
But we spotted the two on one of her cam trails in Slough Creek. It was easy to recognize them by her white and brown-faced coat (855M), bent right ear, and a messy radio collar. While he had a black coat with lighter streaks (Mackenzie). But it turns out she was expecting puppies!
(OMC, I did not think she would make it this far! She earned the best mate ever and she is expecting puppies!)

December 1-15, 2022

– Fixed collar!
– Found marking territory in Slough Creek, Little Butte.
– She marked her territory from Slough Creek Floodlands to Mcbridle Lake, taking some of Junction Butte’s territory. She claimed 3 achers of Junction’s land (1 hex = 1 achers)
– The pair later killed an elk calf from the Groundsel Herd.
– The two rested in the forest.
– Delta finished marking the territory.

April 26, 2022

– She chose a burrow den near a stream on Sandy Slopes. (months before)
– Pups came out of the den.
– There were five pups, four females and a male. We decided to call the pups: Wish 2F (pale gray and white female), Ivy 3F (similar to Wish, but a brown mask), Scout 2M (a brown, gold, and white-pawed male), Rogue 4F (a dark gray female with lighter paws), and Artemis 5F (a black female with darker paws).
– Delta and Ranger broke into a chorus of howling, their pups joining along.
– Delta brought back Scout when he ran off.

Written by sakari720

Hope you enjoy the Guide about WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition – Life of a New Wolf, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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