WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition – Forest 1F Document Info

WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition – Forest 1F Document Info 1 - steamlists.com
WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition – Forest 1F Document Info 1 - steamlists.com

Documents of the life of Forest 1F

Day 1

A wolf that i recently colored, Forest 1F, has recently became 2 years old and dispersed these are the documents of her life: she has arrived at amethyst mountain and seems to be really focused on going somewhere, I think she has caught the scent of an elk herd or some other scent. she has wandered into wapiti territory, i’m worried about her. she has encountered the elk herd she was looking for, she seems to be doing very well in hunting so far. she has driven a young elk out of the herd, I think that’s the one she is going for. She has Successfully killed the young elk and is now going after the herd again after eating from the carcass, I think she is a sport hunter as well as a food hunter but she might just be trying to prove she is a good hunter for her future mate. she has brought down her second elk calf! I am so proud of her. she has found a good spot to sleep, I think she is settling in for the night. end of day 1.

Day 2

She has woken up to find 3 dispersal wolfs from the quadrant pack, I think she is interested in Quadrant 11M, which I am also tracking. from now on i’m gonna call forest 1F Eucalyptus and Quadrant 11M Mangrove. Eucalyptus got the mate, Yes! Looks like Eucalyptus is tracking a scent again, hm…, maybe she is hunting a elk for her and her mate. She found the herd! YES! it looks like she is trying a basic circling tactic, circling around the herd looking for a calf and then chasing it out of the herd.

Written by zoeyrbates

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