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Just a simple guide with some challenges and a bit of backstory behind the challenges.

|x| Introduction |x|

If you are like me you get bored from playing Wolfquest normally so here are some fun challenges to try. Note: most of these challenges will relate to the wolf’s personality.

|x| A Very Skittish Wolf Challenge |x|

As a wolf pup this wolf was traumatized since their mother died to a boar bear trying to defend them and they have almost died to many big creatures. which ended up in them being very cautious and conscious about attacking large prey and predators. Since they are very skittish they will only hunt/kill Any type of mule deer, Elk calf’s, Hares, Foxes, Coyotes, and beavers. Your wolf is not confident in their skills to raise pups so they want a strong bold mate to help them. So they will look for a high diversity mate with 1+ strength or 2+ strength. Even though they are very skittish they will challenge on bigger prey or predators if their life depends on it or their pups. This wolf fears sneak attacks since their mother died to a cougar when defending their life so they will look for their a open den and rendezvous site. They are not aloud to steal any hexes above 25% since they fear other wolves will attack them. They also must take their mate on every hunt ( No Matter Their Mate’s Health ) since they fear they can not do it on their own. ( For the best experience I suggest putting it in challenging or accurate )

|x| A Runty Wolf Challenge |x|

This wolf was born as the runt of the litter ending up in them almost dieing to sickness and a boar bear attack. Since they were the runt of the litter they ended up having terrible Hunting/Fighting so they are only aloud to hunt beavers, hares, and foxes. The only exception they get is to kill 2 elk to learn how to hunt. Their stats must be 2- health, 2- strength, 1- Stamina and 0 Speed since they are a runt. They are only aloud to choose wisdom perks which means they can not have any clout perks or attribute perks. They want to choose a mate with above average strength and stamina since they are very weak and doubt a single pup will survive if they get a weak mate. This means they can not have a mate with 2- stamina 1- stamina, 0 stamina or a mate with 2- strength, 1- strength, or 0 strength. ( For a additional challenge you can play in challenging or accurate )

|x| A Wolf Without Hearing Challenge |x|

In this challenge this wolf suffered from ear mites which ended up in them having a must flat ear and a bent which made it incredibly hard to hear. Which means you are not aloud to have any sound except the music. ( Only if you want the music ) Since they suffered from ear mites they have to have 1- health or 2- health. ( I suggest putting your game mode in challenging since its more fun and challenging )

|x| A Wolf With A Broken Nose Challenge |x|

This wolf has a nose which was hurt badly in battle which caused them to lose their sense of smell. This injury was so severe that it never managed to heal which ended up in the wolf being more patient, observant, and cautious compared to other wolves. To cut to the chase here they can not open sent view so they have to heavily rely on their other senses to help them survive. If you accidentally open scent view your wolf will get a punishment of not eating for a day no matter the their mates, pup’s, or their hunger. Since they were damaged in battle they have to have 1- health or 2- health.( I suggest setting your game mode to challenging or accurate since it is a lot more fun and challenging )

|x| The Lucky Pup Challenge |x|

In this challenge your wolf is not good at raising pups which ends up in most of them dieing except 1 lucky pup. Since your wolf has bad parenting abilities they want a high diversity mate so at least a few pups can survive so they must choose a mate with a 3 star or 4 star diversity. Once you have pups you are only aloud to keep one of the pups. So you must choose 1 pup and pup bring them to a new den site while the others pups will get lost either starving to death, wander away, or die to a predator. ( You just pick up the pup you chose and wander away from the others until they are all lost ) ( Also if the pup falls ill you can switch it to easy so they can cure but when a predator attack happens you must keep it in the same game mode ) ( I suggest putting it in challenging or accurate so its more fun and challenging. At least eagle attacks are easy to deal with )

|x| A Wolf With A Limpy Leg Challenge |x|

These wolves were damaged as a pup from a eagle dropping them which ended up breaking their front right leg. Because of the harsh environment the leg never healed which ended up in them having a limpy leg. Since your wolf is damaged they will have 1- strength, 1- health, 1- stamina, and 1- speed. Since your wolf thinks injury affects their capability they do not want a injured mate. The injuries include scars, bent ears, or mange. Since these wolves are injured their hunting capabilities are decreased which means they can only hunt elk calf’s, mule deer fawns, mule deer, hares, foxes, and beavers.

|x| A Bulky Wolf Challenge |x|

Work In Progress

|x| End Section |x|

I hope this helps cure your boredom of Wolfquest. I also would appreciate any suggestions if you have some. Note: There is a lot more coming soon its just I lose motivation to type quickly.

Written by Wxlfiey_ Draws

Hope you enjoy the Guide about WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition – Challenges Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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