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This generator has 3 modes with ever-expanding options! Create a story of purely a pup, an adult, or a full-life-existence as a pup-to-adult story!


This generator is for easily creating a story for your wolf. There are three options to select from to have generated:

  • Pup
  • Pup-To-Adult
  • Adult

For pups, they’ll have a story written all the way from their birth, up to 6 months old! Their favourite activities at the den, their first hunt, and their personality! From there, the creativity is yours.
For Pup-To-Adult, they’ll have their birth, their existence as a 6-month old, all the way to their choice of if they stay in their pack or disperse! (If they manage to survive past 2 years, old that is) It has ages throughout their life, their choices, their mates, litters, and then their death.
For Adults, it will have the moment they either chose to stay with their pack or disperse. From there, they will continue on their journey with how they live, their family ties, and how they will die.
This generator is always improving, being expanded upon, and life events added to make it unique and interesting so no two lives are the same. More additions will be made as the game updates, as to keep up with the actual lore of the game, and make it possible for you to even re-create these events from the generator in the game itself! Feel free to use it for your wolf in singleplayer, or for your character in roleplays.

The Generator

WolfQuest: Backstory Generator – [perchance.org] 

This is the generator itself. It will be expanded upon, so feel free to check in at any time! Uncheck/check whichever stories you would like to have!

Written by HuniiTea

This is all about WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition – Backstory Generator; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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