WILD HEARTS™ – Build Customization with Talismans

WILD HEARTS™ – Build Customization with Talismans 2 - steamlists.com
WILD HEARTS™ – Build Customization with Talismans 2 - steamlists.com

Hi, welcome to this post, This WILD HEARTS™ – Build Customization with Talismans Guide was created to help you.

This guide will help you how to get the Talisman in the game.

Build Customization with Talismans

Talismans, often called charms, offer a tiny extra bit of customization to your builds.

Even though your equipment screen only displays one talisman, you can equip up to five amulets simultaneously. Each talisman has a “cost”, which roughly corresponds to how powerful the skills on them are. The cost limit is 50, but most talismans you’ll find take up 5-10 points so you won’t struggle to fit them in until much later on when you find more powerful amulets.

There are three ways to obtain talismans:

WILD HEARTS™ - Build Customization with Talismans - Build Customization with Talismans - E105FA7

1. Finding them and picking them up while exploring the hunting zones. These talismans are in set locations and have a specific skill attached to them; the same talisman will always be between playthroughs.

They appear as swords, usually leaning against a wall, plunged into a rock, or sticking out of the ground. They are usually decently hidden, but will be revealed as a question mark on the map once you’ve upgraded your hunting towers.

2. Getting them as random drops from hunting kemono. You will be getting most of your talismans from this. Preliminary testing shows a roughly 1-in-4 chance of getting a talisman drop. There are rumors based on a developer interview that using Hunter’s Arm on a kemono increases the chances of obtaining one. Still, that same testing found no appreciable difference in drop chance.

Talismans from hunting kemono have randomly generated skills on them, but the skills are somewhat weighted to thematically match the kemono you’re fighting. For example, if you’re looking for Fatigue Wielder skill on your talismans to make kemono fall asleep in hunts, you’ll have the most luck hunting Sporetail.

Check here – [google.com]  to understand what talismans to expect when hunting kemono.

3. The last method is assisting Other Hunters visiting your Minato. By accepting and completing their quest, you are guaranteed a talisman drop. However, testing has shown that these talismans are seeded differently, and are likely not worth the farm. They tend to have worse skills at lower amounts and lack skill variety.

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