Wild Hearts – Is open world? Answered

Wild Hearts – Is open world? Answered 1 - steamlists.com
Wild Hearts – Is open world? Answered 1 - steamlists.com

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Anyone pining for Monster Hunter’s larger-than-life monsters will find plenty to love in Wild Hearts. Players can use a variety of technology to battle monsters with superhuman abilities. You will visit many environments throughout the game. Each environment is likely to have a different assortment of mini-monsters. How can you interact with this universe, however? Is this a planned path or a free space waiting for discovery?


Is Wild Hearts’s universe open?

It is somewhat, but not entirely. Azuma, the planet of Wild Hearts, is a vast wilderness. You can’t explore the entire landscape of this vast wilderness. Once you’ve completed the plot, you won’t be able to explore the different parts of Azuma. It will not be evident that you have full access to the vast open world. You should be able to travel to any zone once you reach the end game.


How do Wild Hearts allow you to access new areas?

The game has many chapters, each with its own set of adventures and missions. Although not a set of rules, once a chapter is complete, access is granted to the next area. Wild Hearts, a Feudal Japan-inspired project, has four main zones: Fuyufusagi Fort Harugasumi Way, Natsukodachi Isle, and Akikure Canyon. The four sections are for the four seasons. Fuyufusagi refers to the winter season; Harugasumi refers to the spring season; Natsukodachi refers to the summer season; and Akikure refers to the autumn season. The region-specific Kemono monsters are known as Kemono in the game. The Kemono for each region is representative of their particular zone. Fuyufusagi Fort creatures will have an icy bite.

Minato, the central hub village of monster-hunting and crafting new weapons, is in the middle of all these zones. It’s based upon classic Feudal Japanese towns, so be on the lookout for guilds, stewards, and beautiful traditional architecture. This creates a magical, monster-free environment.

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