WILD HEARTS™ – Upgrading Weapons – The Weapon Tree

WILD HEARTS™ – Upgrading Weapons – The Weapon Tree 1 - steamlists.com
WILD HEARTS™ – Upgrading Weapons – The Weapon Tree 1 - steamlists.com

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Upgrading Weapons – The Weapon Tree

The weapon tree to create and upgrade weapons is massive and interconnected.

It’s simple enough to go downward through the tree and make a good weapon with decent damage. It’ll certainly be good enough to get you through the main story.

However, you’ll need to pay a little more attention to make a truly great weapon. As you upgrade, you can transfer over some traits from the previous upgrade onto the new one.

WILD HEARTS™ - Upgrading Weapons - The Weapon Tree - Upgrading Weapons - The Weapon Tree - DEE1C1D

As an example: by selecting this weapon upgrade from First Bloom Maul to Intoxicating Birch Maul, the damage will upgrade from 170 to 204, the critical chance will remain unchanged, but most importantly below that, let’s look at the skills. Inherent Skills are tied to that specific weapon. The Intoxicating Birch Maul always has Nimble-Fingered 25%; if you upgrade away from it, you can’t transfer it.

However, the Inherited Skills can be carried over to any weapon if they have enough skill slots. When I upgrade away from the Intoxicating Birch Maul, I can take the Savage +4 and Critical Master 3% with me to the new weapon.

You can go up, down, sideways, all around in any direction in the weapon tree, picking up whatever Inherited Skills you want, as long as you can afford the money and materials. Some weapon builds take long winding paths, but the result can be a very powerful weapon for the trouble.

You can revert upgrades to weapons for a small gold fee, which returns all monster materials used to upgrade it. This allows you to do many things, such as:

  • Go down a different upgrade path to get different skills.
  • Test whether the presence or absence of a skill affects your build/strategy much if combined with testing on the training bear.
  • Make an entirely different weapon. Just unlocked the claw blade and want to make one based on your current katana’s material? Revert that katana, get those materials back, and make that shiny new Claw Blade!

Some extra notes about the weapon upgrade tree:

  • Multiple traits of the same kind stack, even if they’re identical. Putting two Critical Master +3% skills on a weapon will still take up two slots, but will effectively give you +6% total crit chance.
  • Beware when heading upwards on the upgrade tree. You might lose out on a skill you want because the weapons don’t have enough skill slots to hold them.
  • You can’t return to the same weapon node and retrace your steps; each weapon in your path must be a unique node.
  • If you’re unsure what a skill does (because let’s be honest they’re somewhat hard to understand), check the button legend at the bottom of your screen to see Skill Details, which will list out what every skill on the current screen does.

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