Wild Hearts – How to get Fumebeak Toxic Lung?

Wild Hearts – How to get Fumebeak Toxic Lung? 1 - steamlists.com
Wild Hearts – How to get Fumebeak Toxic Lung? 1 - steamlists.com

Hi, welcome to this post, In this guide, we will tell you all about Wild Hearts – How to get Fumebeak Toxic Lung? Following this guide step by step.

You can acquire a variety of different types of materials and resources by searching and defeating various Kemonos within Wild Hearts. You will be able to get a variety and resources by defeating Fumebeak. You will need to be aware of where these kemono can be located and what you can do with them. This is a guide on obtaining the toxic lungs of the Fumebeak in Wild Hearts.


Where in Wild Hearts can obtain the Fumebeak Toxic Lung?

You must locate the Fumebeak and fight the kemono guarding its chest to acquire a Fumebeak Toxic Lung. There are Fumebeaks in many places, including Harugasumi Way, Akikure Canyon, and Fuyufusagi Fort. Because this beast can fly, you’ll have to chase it after engaging it in combat for a short time. Always act in line with the kemono and employ various Karakuri to increase your position. The Flying Vine can attach an arrow to the back of the kemono and strike from below.

The Fumebeak Toxin Lung is a difficult and rare material to obtain, and the Fumebeak itself is challenging to hit as it can fly away easily. This is the best method to get this material. The following essential components can be obtained from fumebeaks:

It is strongly advised to construct a Bulwark in order to shield yourself from the devastating damage that the Fumebeak causes when it swoops down from the sky. In Wild Hearts, you will come across normal, mighty and deadly Fumebeaks. The more powerful kemonos will offer you better and more valuable materials. It is crucial to eliminate the more powerful kemonos before you kill the. In this game, you’ll need Fumebeak Toxic Hearts to upgrade and craft various weapons.

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