War Thunder – How to Use F4S Radar

War Thunder – How to Use F4S Radar 6 - steamlists.com
War Thunder – How to Use F4S Radar 6 - steamlists.com

Hey there, welcome to this post, War Thunder – How to Use F4S Radar guide.

This guide includes a video tutorial, for those who aren’t interested in watching it or just likes reading:). I am gonna quickly describe how to use the sparrows on the F4s and other things you should know about your recently purchased pixels. My credentials? I don’t have a girlfriend and I spend too much time.



There are three radar modes available for F4s SRC, SRC PVD HDN and ACM. It’s only going to use ACM and SRC. ACM automatically locks an opponent when they’re inside your square, be aware that it has a only a 10km range. The radar will only lock as far as your scope is set. I suggest using 46kms. these are my

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When you lock a enemy you will receive an enclosed box that contains useful info, the circle is the enemy, and the line shows the direction in which he’s heading. The top number is the distance he’s traveled, and the m/s is how fast he is relative to your speed. You should start firing when he’s coming towards you, and when you see that line, it’s not as.

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Remember that your radar is CW (continuous wave). This means that even if you have lock on one person, that does not mean that your radar can only see this particular person. Your missile can still hit even if your radar is locked chaff, even though it’s been fired. Keep your eyes and radar focused on the enemy and your missile may hit even when it locks chaff following the launch (unless the radar is a pulse radar which doesn’t have this feature). Keep in mind that friends can be killed in this manner. If you launch on the person who is close to you and a friendly is between, there is a possibility the missile could cause the victim’s death.


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The F4s carries 4 aim 7f sparrows(fox1, Semi active homing radar SAHR) and 4 aim9h sidewinders(fox 2 heatseekers). Sparrows have a very long range, up to 40kms. They shoot in relation to where the enemy is and if he is headed towards you, then he’s moving towards your missile, which means you can fire from longer range. You can launch a missile from high altitudes by turning your eyes towards the sky. This can increase the range, speed, and time to guide. This is called increasing the missile’s PK (potential killing). Sparrows are quick, great for ACM headons and can track well. Aim 9Hs are ok, decent range(2.5kms I believe) however they have a low g overload(meaning they do not turn as fast as an R60), however they are more flare resistant than russian missiles. You can also pair them with your helmet-mounted sight. However, they can’t do crazy pulls but they are still an option.

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So defending missles can be difficult for a lot of people. Here are some suggestions to remember

1.your speed

2. When you begin to defend

3.what is the missile you are defending against?

Radar missiles can be difficult to fight. You can notch, drop a bit of chaff, or reduce the altitude and still get hit. Notching means putting your aircraft at a 90-degree perpendicular to the radar of the enemy.


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Fox 1s track through something known as lead pursuit, which means they determine where you’re likely to be ahead of the time, and try to get infront of you. You can use this against them by decreasing altitude, embracing the ground, notching then dipping down last minute, all increase the chances of survival. The fact they move so quickly also means they will have a harder time making last second adjustments. You can also be cold (meaning to move in the opposite direction to your opponent), but this is not as effective when you’re being shot at. It is more difficult to avoid front-launched fox 1s because you have less time. However, dropping chaff, spinning or removing yourself from his reach can be helpful.

It is simple to avoid Fox 2s. You just need to cut off afterburn and drop flares. However, don’t fly in straight lines. That’s it. Radar doingdging is much simpler than it sounds.


Honestly, climbing helps but you dont have to, and using acm to do headons using sparrows is great but you aren’t able to fight dogs, however. You’re a bit of a bus, but you have an excellent radar and fantastic loadouts. Find the best option for your needs)

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