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Welcome to War Thunder – Mig 29 Playstyle Tips & Guide.

How to safely pilot the Mig 29 and adjust to its learning curve

Playstyle/How to Fly

The Mig 29 is unlike an F14, Mig 23, F16, or F16. It is a unique plane with high-skill ceilings, and I am just beginning to understand the gameplay. Long-range missile slinging is not possible with an F14. The radar (, missiles), and long-range tracking modes) are less consistent, but the radar can hold locks at oblique angles while you dogfight in the HMD tracking mode.

I recommend 4 R60’s, 2 R27T’s, or 6 R60s with the drop tank. Although 4 R60’s and 1 of each R27 are good options, they add more work to switch between modes. I find the R27T to be more efficient overall when flown correctly. I use reinforced flares and chaff at 5-second intervals. The dispenser is used when I know there is someone behind me or if a missile hits the RWR. It’s not worth running it in the background to passively defend against an aim9L/ aim7M that will in good launch conditions. Your flares and chaff won’t matter anyways. This plane is too vulnerable to countermeasures that you should not rely on them for anything but the last resort. There is plenty of maneuverability to deal with any incoming missiles.

Start every match by making a hard left/right turn from the runway. This will take you the furthest away from your enemy team. You can accelerate in the afterburner to match. 95. Depending on the map, it is possible to cut the afterburner, conserve fuel, or use surrounding geography, such as mountains to dodge radars. I recommend a more normal play style. However, I strongly suggest you continue to side-climb in Afterburner and notch against any radar locks as necessary. Although I understand that the meta has been “fly low, avoid radar”, the fact that we are moving so fast in these things is not a problem at all long distance. It has been a lot of fun, but I have never lost to an AIM54. The Mig 29 is very fuel-inefficient at low altitudes. By the time you reach 5000m, the consumption becomes more reasonable. Both strategies will give you about the same fuel consumption by the time you reach the enemy. Your drop tank will be almost empty by this point.

You should make the most of the Mig 29’s climbing abilities. To keep track of your enemies as they scramble, use the TWS/HDN and SRC/PD/HDN modes as you climb. The HDN mode allows you to use the pilot’s HMD to lock targets. These targets will remain locked at a wider angle than the 50×10 stock. TWS radar will also show you any AIM54’s heading your way. Once you have engaged in your first engagements, you should turn towards the center of TWS. If you are not being locked, you can then engage targets. Dive on two targets between 6-9km to avoid alarming them. Then, dump the R27T’s onto them. My research shows that the missiles are more resistant to flares the faster you dive and the later you launch them. Put your faith in the missiles, pull up, and then go back to space. Keep your head on a swivel in case anyone else notices you. I don’t see the point in doing a headon down there so I turn away and let them waste missiles.

From this point, you can continue to move from space to diving on unsuspecting targets using your R60’s. This is where I find the plane to be most rewarding. If you find yourself in a dogfight, don’t despair. The airbrake can help you out. It seems to have the most authority and can save you in a pinch. F16’s have a wider window of maneuverability and are safer than the Mig 29’s. The Mig 29 feels less agile and loses control and authority beyond mach 1.1. You still have plenty of AoA when you get back to match. 95. The energy retention and acceleration should compensate for any other shortcomings. However, the R60M is still a good missile.


Overall, a great plane. Initially frustrated, I eventually found a way to have more fun with it. As with most new jet aircraft, there are a few weeks after release when the most heated opinions are expressed. This is because everyone learns about the plane. Although jumping in and mop the ground like everyone thought is impossible, a few hard nerfs can make any plane fly better. This plane won’t reward you for being a dogfighter, and it will only work with your piloting skills if you are an interceptor. It will reward you in great numbers when it does.


Written by Derelict

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