Spinners Cave Chest Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Spinners Cave Chest Locations in Hogwarts Legacy 1 - steamlists.com
Spinners Cave Chest Locations in Hogwarts Legacy 1 - steamlists.com

Spinners Cave Chest Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Ready to dive into the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy? We’re talking an epic quest through Spinners Cave where you’ll be hunting for hidden chests loaded with goodies. This guide’s got your back, making sure you snag every single piece of awesome loot along the way.

1. First Gap’s Hidden Chest

Step into the cave and bam! You’ll hit a gap right off the bat. Peek towards the bottom right, and boom, there’s your first chest. Scramble down the rocks on your right to grab your treasure. Then, muster your courage for a wild leap across the gap and keep moving forward.

2. The Chest Lurking Behind Spider Eggs

Keep trekking through the cave until you bump into a room swarming with spider eggs. Hidden right behind these creepy crawlies is your next chest. Make sure to smash those eggs before they hatch – you don’t want eight-legged surprises! As you push on and rip through cobwebs, stay sharp and look on your right. Bust through some more webs and you’ll find a stash packed with valuable swag.

3. Chest in the Acromantula’s Den

Once you’ve duked it out with the Acromantula and shown it who’s boss, scope out the right side for another chest. There are two ways to get there: either scale the wall and sneak through the passage, or take the low road by smashing a barricade and hiking up the hill.

4. Treasure at the Third Gap

Onward you go until you face another gap, similar to the first. There’s a chest waiting at the bottom right. To reach this bad boy, hang a left and shimmy down the rocks. Then, take a quick swim across a little pond to claim your prize. The final treasure is near the Shipwreck, just a stone’s throw away from the entrance shortcut.

While Spinners Cave might not throw brain-busting puzzles your way, it makes up for it with a badass Acromantula showdown. Get ready for a rumble – dodge like a ninja and cast fire spells like a wizard pro. Don’t forget to load up on Wiggenwald potions to boost your winning odds.

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