How to Get Unlimited Plants in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Get Unlimited Plants in Hogwarts Legacy 1 -
How to Get Unlimited Plants in Hogwarts Legacy 1 -

How to Get Unlimited Plants in Hogwarts Legacy

So, you’re wandering through the magical halls of Hogwarts Legacy and guess what? You can snag yourself a ton of free plants without spending a single Knut or twiddling your thumbs waiting for them to grow. How cool is that?

Speed Up Plant Respawning Like a Pro

Ever noticed how plants and other goodies pop back up every 2.5 in-game days? Here’s a nifty trick to fast-forward this waiting game. Hit up the “WAIT” option on your map, zoom ahead by 12 hours, and repeat this five times. Voila! Your plants are back! Just remember to reload the area by either zipping to a nearby Floo Flame or doing the ol’ save-and-reload dance.

Level Up with the Better and Instant Timeskip Mod

Want to make this even easier? Check out the ‘Better and instant timeskip mod. This gem lets you play with time using the PageUp and PageDown buttons and lock in your time travel with the End button. This mod is a game-changer for farming plants, refreshing shops, and choosing the perfect time of day for your adventures.

1. Mandrakes: Discover a Magical Spot

Head west of Upper Hogsfield, right near the Forbidden Forest’s edge. There, in a quaint little clearing about 60 meters from the Mooncalf den, you’ll find three Mandrakes chilling next to a wizard who’s seen better days. A real hidden gem, waiting for you since day one!

2. Venomous Tentacula: Stay Tuned!

As for the elusive Venomous Tentacula, we’re still on the hunt. Keep your eyes peeled for updates as we unravel this mystery.

Uncover the Secret Greenhouse

Mastered the Incendio spell? Awesome! Now, dive into the ‘Venomous Valour‘ side quest, and you’ll unlock a secret greenhouse hidden in the Herbology wing. Talk about a green thumb’s paradise!

Quick Grow Your Tentaculas

Got the greenhouse key? Here’s a hack: fast-forward 2.5-3 days in the game, then teleport to the Greenhouses Floo Flame. Bam! All 6 Tentaculas are ready for harvesting, no waiting required.

Greenhouse Plant Roundup

After you wrap up the ‘Tomes and Tribulations‘ main quest, a plant bonanza awaits in the Greenhouses. But hustle! This window closes after you finish the ‘Herbology Class‘ quest. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Dittany – 5 plants
  • Mallowsweet – 4 plants
  • Fluxweed – 2 plants
  • Knotgrass – 1 plant

Explore Lawley’s Cellar

Done with ‘Percival Rackham’s Trial’ and ‘The Helm of Urtkot’? Awesome, ’cause now you can unlock ‘Venomous Revenge‘ and access Lawley’s cellar, a hidden treasure trove in Hogsmeade.

The Bounty of Lawley’s Cellar

Lawley’s cellar is a plant lover’s dream. Find 3 Chinese Chomping Cabbages, 2 Mandrakes, 1 Knotgrass, and 2 Dittanies there. Plus, a group of six spiders are hanging out, and they’re an endless source of spider fangs for your collection.

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