How to Download Dual Dresser Mod in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Download Dual Dresser Mod in Hogwarts Legacy 1 -
How to Download Dual Dresser Mod in Hogwarts Legacy 1 -

How to Download Dual Dresser Mod in Hogwarts Legacy

Hey there, Hogwarts Legacy fans! Ready to switch up your wizarding wardrobe without starting from zero? Imagine you could just zap your hard-earned gear from one character to another. Sounds like magic, right? Well, it kinda is, and it’s all thanks to a nifty trick that lets you share your cool cosmetics between characters. We’re here to guide you through this spellbinding process, making sure your gaming experience is as smooth as Dumbledore’s beard.

For the fashion-forward wizards and witches who love decking out their characters in modded gear (shoutout to Swiz19’s Victorian outfit pack), this trick is a game-changer. So, let’s hop on our brooms and soar into how to unlock and transfer these stylish looks with ease.

Unlocking New Wardrobes

Finished the game but itching to strut around Hogwarts in another house’s colors? Don’t sweat about losing your epic outfit collection. There’s a spell for that! Thanks to nathdev’s Dual Dresser mod on Nexusmods, you can now flick those fabulous outfits between characters faster than you can say “Accio!”

How to Get Your Hands on the Dual Dresser

Step 1: Download and Whip Up Some Magic

1.1) Snag the Dual Dresser mod from Nexus Mods and poof it into the Steam\steamapps\common\HogwartsLegacy\Phoenix\Content\Paks\~mods folder.

1.2) No ~mods folder? No problem! Just whip one up and drop the Dual Dresser mod right in there.

Step 2: Grab the Blueprint Apparate Modloader

2.1) Fetch the Blueprint Apparate Modloader from Nexus Mods and tuck it into the same ~mods folder.

Optional: Spruce Up with Dek’s Apparate UI

Want a slicker interface for the modloader? Deck it out with Dek’s Apparate UI mod. It’s like the cherry on top for your modding sundae.

Step 3: Bring Dual Dresser to Life in the Game

Fire up the game and hit F8 to open the magic portal. Chant “DualDresser” (mind the spelling) and presto! Your mod’s ready to roll.

Step 4: Save and Flaunt Your Outfits

To use Dual Dresser, press F6. You’ll see options for indoor and outdoor outfits. Dress to impress, hit “save“, and voilà! Remember, this saves the look, not the gear. Swapping between school robes and adventure gear is now just a couple of clicks away.

Step 5: Share the Style Love

Want your other characters to rock the same outfit? Easy! Save it in Dual Dresser, and boom – any character, any save, can now show off those threads, even if they haven’t unlocked them yet.

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