Source Filmmaker – How to render in 4k resolution?

Source Filmmaker – How to render in 4k resolution? 1 -
Source Filmmaker – How to render in 4k resolution? 1 -

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Follow these steps to render 4K resolution with Source Filmmaker.

  • Open the SFM project. Click the “File menu” and choose the resolution you want to use. Choose “Project” then “Edit.” Set the resolution of the project to 3840×2160.
  • To adjust the viewport resolution, click the “Window Menu” and choose “Screen Resolution” when in the SFM Project. Set the viewport to 3840×2160 in the screen settings.
  • Select “Render Settings” in the “File” Menu. In the render setting window, you can adjust these settings:
  • Set the output to 3840×2160.
  • Frame rate: Select your desired frame rate.
  • Format: Select a desired output format such as MP4 (or AVI).
  • Output Path: Specify the path where you want the rendered file saved.

    Fine-tune your render options: You can fine-tune the rendering options in the settings window based on your preference, such as depth of field, motion blur and anti-aliasing. Play around with these settings until you achieve the desired visual result for your render.

  • Start the rendering: Click on the “Rendering” button to initiate the process once you have configured the render setting window. SFM will begin rendering your project in a 4K resolution.

    Please note that rendering 4K resolution may be resource-intensive, and a powerful computer must handle these increased demands. It is important to make sure that your hardware can render in 4K.

    Follow these steps to render a SFM project with 4K resolution. The output will be of high quality and suitable for 4K displays.

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