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Welcome to this post In this guide, we will tell you everything about Fallout: New Vegas – Ghoulish Courier Role Playing Build Follow this guide each steps.

This role-playing game focuses on a courier who has been rejected by civilization and survives the wasteland through mutations and bad habits.

Starting S.P.E.C.I.A.L

Strength = 8 circus strongman (Years spent consuming chems – and who knows what other substances – have granted the courier high physical strength).

Perception = Six Alert Coyote. (Like a coyote who roams the wastes, the courier has keen perceptions and does not get caught by surprise very often.

Endurance = 8. Flame retardant (The harsh desert conditions will not tolerate a weakling).

Charisma=3 Creepy Untaker( This courier worked at a graveyard but was fired for digging graves)

Intelligence is 3 Cretin. (This courier is not bright, but he has a pure and simple instinct).

Agility = 7 Catlike (By exploring ruins, treacherous terrain and a courier who has developed above-average agility).

Luck = Stacked 6 Deck (Despite a courier who is an outcast – more animal than human – he is still a lucky person).

After Implants Lonesome Road

S 9

P 7

E 9

C 3

I 3

A 8

L 7

Tag Skills

Sneak (More akin to an animal, the courier understands when to hide and ambush dangerous opponents)

Survival (Through trials and errors, the courier developed strange mutations as he learned to survive on the wasteland)

Unarmed Even bare-handed or with a club is more effective than armed weapons.



Built to Destruction (This courier is chaos in a nutshell, and does not care if weapons break after heavy usage)


The courier has mild night vision due to radiation exposure.

4 Cannibals (This is the reason he has been fired from graveyard …)

Lead Belly

8 Radchild (The courier’s resistance to radiation is increased due to a strange genetic mutation)

10 Night Person

12 Ghastly Scavenger

The courier will see the monsters as annoying rivals who must be slain.

16 Better Criticals. (The courier is aware of where to cause most pain and injury).

Chemist (Constantly using chems, the courier became resistant to side effects)

20 Them’s good eatin’ (The deliveryman knows how to turn any meal into a complete, nutritious meal)

22 Atomic The ghoulish Courier can be more powerful in areas with radiation.

24 Adamantium Skeleton (The bones in the courier’s body have become stronger with time)

26 Piercing Struck (The courier can strike through solid steel with ease).

28 Stonewall. (The courier has mastered melee combat. They are immune to knockdowns.

30 Implant GRX 1

32 Implant GRX2

34 Ninja: The courier can be seen easily by using the terrain and the shadows.

36 Toughness – 1

38 Toughness 2. (This courier can handle more than most people)

40 Unstoppable forces (the couriers’ attacks are devastating; parries do not offer any defense).

42 Slayer unlockable with Lonesome Road, Implant or Lonesome Road (the courier is a killer of the wastelands).

44 Super Slam

46 Jury Rrigging (The courier is able to repair any makeshift weapon or armor he finds)

48 Fight Power (The courier despises both the Legion NCR).

50 Old world gourmet (The courier is willing to eat anything even if that food was from 300-years ago)

Weapons, Armor and Equipment

Give the courier Nuka Signs, She’s Empowers, or any other ugly looking melee weapons or unarmed weapons!

The courier’s armor could be Raider’s outfits or Reinforced Metal.


Introduction and Disclaimer


Tag Skills



Weapons, Armor and Equipment

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