Source Filmmaker – Troubleshooting Guide

Source Filmmaker – Troubleshooting Guide 1 -
Source Filmmaker – Troubleshooting Guide 1 -

Welcome. This Source Filmmaker – Troubleshooting Guide Guide was written to be useful to you, and we genuinely hope it is.


Q1 – I created a Mod Folder, but it isn’t showing up in the SFM directory.

A: Although you have done all the right things, there is still a possibility that SFM may not create the folder for you automatically. If you know why, please leave a comment.

To fix it, open your SFM Installation folder (if you don’t know how to find it, open Steam Library, right-click Source Filmmaker, then select Manage. Next, choose Browse local files.

Next, create the Mod Folder manually. Make sure you use the same name for it as the one you created in the. Add or create a new module window.

Create a new.txt directory called gameinfo , and then add the following text to it:

 title2 "based on SFM SDK technology"
 type multiplayer_only
 nomodels 1
 nohimodel 1
 nocrosshair 0
 "test_speakers" 1
 "test_hardware" 1
 nodegraph 0
 SteamAppId 1840
 ToolsAppId 1840
 Game |gameinfo_path|.
 Game tf_movies
 Game tf
 Game hl2

You must replace the [NAME OF FOLDER] in the Mod Folder Name field.

Go back to the game folder. Next, open up the 24-A1653392A folder. Open the gameinfo.txt File and you will see a section that reads “SearchPaths”. The Mod Folders are also installed.

Add your Mod Folder’s Name to the List. Take into account the order of your priority items. . It is best to place it in exactly the same order you placed it back in the Edit Search Paths frame. ( Don’t be afraid to ask questions. )

Also, do not type anything other than “Game” or “NAME OF FOLDER” in the space provided.

Save and close the file once you are done.

Q2 – When I open SFM, I get a window named MissingMods in Search Paths. I don’t know what to do.

A: The window you see is a warning sign that you did not tick the box to create your Mod Folder during step 7. Go back and redo step 7. Or your new folder will not be “mounted”. It won’t also be able be read from.

Q3 – My new assets are not showing up when I search for them in the Asset browser!

Mod Filter, It is necessary to change the Mod Filter setting at the top in your Asset Browser’s window to All Mods. This will allow you to search from the Mod Folder.

If your folder is not visible, try the Resolution to Question 1 (Q1 at the top of Troubleshooting).

Any other common issue will probably also be listed here as time goes by.

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