Shadows Over Loathing – How to Reserve Fuels Guide

Shadows Over Loathing – How to Reserve Fuels Guide 1 -
Shadows Over Loathing – How to Reserve Fuels Guide 1 -

To obtain a full gas can and obtain Fuel reserves achievement, follow the instructions in this guide.if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via the comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

The Diner

After you have taken the magazine off your face, and are ready to face the world outside, talk to the woman behind the counter. She will give you various options, eventually providing you with a perk to help you start your adventure.

We will choose specific options to help us focus on the achievement. Answer the question, “Why are you on this trip?”

“I got into some trouble back home.”

You will choose, even if she asks for more details.

I lit a fire in a mailbox.

Once you have made her suspicious of your psychotic nature, you will be able to walk away with a perk that adds +1 dmg for any magical weapon you use. You can leave the diner and continue getting on your bus until the achievement ends.

The Gas Station

The driver has given you a task to fill the gas can. You’re going to fill it up even more to be spiteful of the driver. We need to feel our surroundings first.

Turn left and stop at the first building, which is the gas station. Then, head inside. There is a Cheez Loaf on the snack shelf, meat at the register, and a bat against the wall. Grab all 3 Then, enter the backrooms. Your inner voice will tell you that you worked there. Once you are in the back, search for the third shelf that contains your employee file and 5 XP.

Check the fuse box in the garage. Check the second shelf in the hallway for a replacement fuse. The broken fuse can be replaced, and the switch near the door can be used to lower the car. siphon some gas. (33 percent

Elias House

Continue on the Road, stopping at Elia’s house. Turn right and go inside. After a brief conversation, you can ask him again for the barn key. Go through the entire living room of his house and ask him questions. You want to get the Ask about the bear’s box for pear recipes, The left-most door has a haunted duck calling. Ask about the 2nd door, where he warns of a dust devil, and the 3rd door, which leads to the bathroom. Box-labeled class rings

Enter the 3rd door that leads to the bathroom. Flush the toilet for 5 XP. Head out towards the barn by leaving the bathroom. To fight Elias’ robot daughter, head inside the barn. It will be defeated. 5 XP and the gas behind it. (66 percent)

Train car (and friend)

Continue on the road further, and you will find yourself.


Once you have reached the train car, go inside to find a hobo and a gas can. Talk to the hobo to agree to take some jerky. Head left to find the Last bit of gas (100 %) The driver wanted you to get.

The Pettiness

We don’t want him to get a full-sized gas can. We don’t want to make him feel petty, but we will. It is time to begin the long and complicated path of revenge. This is where you begin to pursue your goal.

You can still find the lowest section of filth in the train car. This will give you a class ring. Next, eat the jerky to increase the muscle mass by 1. Also, you can spend 15 XP to increase the muscle mass again. With 3 muscle, you are ready to open the big door.

Once you are back, ignore the bull. Instead, go to the makeshift cooking area. To get Grimy Spatula, interact with the stove. To get extra gas. (133 percent), you can move left and beat out the bull to get 5 XP.

Run back to your bus stop to pick up your pet turtle. As a healer, he must be equipped immediately to tank the final boss.

Tell Elias about the ring that you found. To get 5 XP., let him have it. Head back to the right and grab the rusty pistol from the clotheslines. Continue to the right to fight the gun-toting scarecrow. To get 5 XP, defeat the scarecrow and then grab gas (200 percent) to follow him on the tractor. DON’T GO AWAY! To pretend you are a farmer, get off the tractor and get back on it. To earn another 5 XP, pretend a few more times. Once you are satisfied, go into the barn and head straight to the locker to get more gas (233 percent).

It’s time to stop being a muscular head. Spend 15 XP to increase +1 moxie To get an additional +1, you can also eat the Cheez Loaf. To get the workbench, go to the right side barn. Take them with you and get on the train. You will be able to get the gloves—crowbar to the barrel. You can also interact with the knapsack with the hobo and then open it with your 3 moxie for a little silver key.

Once that is done, we can stop being moxie. The Grimy Spatula can be taken and eaten. After that, you can head to Elias’ home. Look to the right for the 2nd door, where the dust devil lives. You can use the crowbar to open the ground to get into the basement.

After you have fallen, make the ladder and then interact with the shelves to the left to get the gross vegetables (.). You are now ready for the spiders. The “More dangerous blind Spider” is even more dangerous. Grab it immediately by throwing a rock at the object and then whacking it with your spatula. Repeat the process to kill the second spider.

It’s time for the dust devil, the final boss. Start the fight and then lick your wounds if he causes you to bleed. Throw some gross vegetables at him to stop him from causing more damage. Throw a rock at him, then whack him with your spatula. Your pet turtle will heal you for 1 HP and save your life from blood loss. To defeat the devil, throw another rock and use your spatula.

Spend your hard-earned XP on +1 mysticality to get 3. Then, go to the gas station. You can use the little silver key in the back rooms to obtain a gas pump hose. Go to the garage to interact with the generator to your south. siphon some gas (26 percent) It. Head to the leftmost pump. Attach your newly acquired hose to it. siphon the last gas from (300 percent) .

You should now have this guide. Canisters with full gas at 300 percent You will be awarded the “Fuel reserves” achievement.

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