Shadows Over Loathing – How to Unlock (Just Showing Off) Achievement

Shadows Over Loathing – How to Unlock (Just Showing Off) Achievement 1 -
Shadows Over Loathing – How to Unlock (Just Showing Off) Achievement 1 -

A complete guide for (Shadows Over Loathing – How to Unlock (Just Showing Off) Achievement). If you are having trouble defeating an alien machine gator robot thing, and you are a Jazz Agent. This is the perfect recipe for violence.

Part 1 – Preparing For The Violence

We’ll need five things to get started.

  • This is a weapon that uses moxie.
  • Jazz Hands, You can spend AP to increase your Moxie. This item is available in chapter 1. Grab it as soon as possible and upgrade it.
  • The Item Usage increases; there are two before you can begin the fight. The first accessory is available by completing the Monster Shack quest. The second is a perk that can be obtained by repairing the strange machine on the floor above the fight. It costs 6 Mysticality.
  • AP Restorative: You’ll need a lot of these to do more damage before attacking. Before you go in, make sure to stock up on several.
  • Bottles of Bloodshine are essential for this strategy. These will double your moxie, even if you have gained it during battle. Vampire Bloodleggers drop these. Beat them up and you’ll get a decent amount. I recommend at least 7.

A few other things can help, but they are not necessary to win.

  • Scrap metal pieces – These items can block an incoming attack and protect you if it takes longer than you can handle.
  • Max AP boosting effect – I recommend two max AP. But more is not a bad idea. Balance it with AP regen.
  • Moxie boosting effects: You’ll increase your moxie during the fight. Although starting with more is a good idea, it will only decrease the amount of buffing you need.
  • The Pocketwatch – This offhand allows you to decrease the stats of the boss, delaying power growth by a small amount
  • Silver Crystal ball – This offhand allows you to heal by doubling your mysticality, allowing you to fight a little longer.
  • A Stab in the Dark is another obtainable ability that deals percentage-based damage. This ability can be used only once per enemy, but it can take a large chunk of the boss’s health. It can be found in the Gator Fortress’s throne room.


Part 2 – The Violence

We will use an essential strategy to increase our moxie and make the boss healthier before we shoot it.

You can increase your Moxie with Jazz hands (30-40). Then, double it with blood shine until your damage exceeds your Moxie. This can take some time so make sure you focus a bit on not dying and most of your resources on buffing yourself.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The boss’ stats are slightly affected by the damage. It is best to avoid bringing in a familiar who does constant damage. A familiar that provides support would be better.
  • You won’t have your follower, so don’t worry if you bring along someone else.
  • The numbers will quickly grow, so gear selections should be focused more on what will help you boost your self-esteem than raw stats.
  • Status effects don’t work for the boss. Don’t even think about trying them.


Written by CatChris

I hope you enjoy the Guide about Shadows Over Loathing – How to Unlock (Just Showing Off) Achievement, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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