Shadows Over Loathing – Freaky Frogday achievement

Shadows Over Loathing – Freaky Frogday achievement 1 -
Shadows Over Loathing – Freaky Frogday achievement 1 -

A basic guide for (Shadows Over Loathing – Freaky Frogday achievement) This will help you how to unlock Freaky Frogday achievement in the game.

The Frog Curse can be reversed.

Warning: This achievement guide is for you. It is spoiler-free by its nature.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take detailed notes leading to this achievement. I can’t replay it, so I won’t be as detailed, but it should be easy to follow.

  • Discover “Frog Bog” in the “Big Moist.”
  • Talk with the Frogs to receive an emerald and “Haim Quarry” information. You will be asked to reverse the curse that has made the workers at Haim’s Quarry frogs by returning an emerald, the Frog God’s idol.
  • Travel “Haim Quarry”
  • Go to the cave at the end of the map
  • Talk to Frogger (the caveman, a frog that wants to be human and has a human body). He’ll ask you to make his curse permanent. You’ll think about it.
  • Talk to Frogger again, and convince him that the curse must be broken. You will need to ask him questions in a specific order to get him to the conclusion.
  • Frogger admits that he cannot speak for other frogs and that not all quarry humans may be guilty. He’ll also suggest you speak to the frogs/people of Haim’s Quarry to get their opinions. He will ask for your emerald to give him a speech. He’ll instruct how to power the Emerald by you if you decline.
  • Talk to the frogs/people about the working conditions at Haim’s Quarry.
  • Frogger will tell you that the curse must be broken if you return to him.
  • Offer an alternative solution to the Foreman’s punishment. Frogger will suggest that you reverse the curse and then curse the Foreman.
  • Convince the Foreman, a frog, to go to the cave. Hint: The cave’s back room is accessible and will have an item that you can bribe the Foreman with
  • Go to “Frog Bog” to try to find Frogger’s frog. He won’t be found.
  • Explain the problem to Frogger. Frogger will suggest that you ask Frogger for the name of the frog.
  • Return to “Frog Bog”, and ask for the frog’s name.
  • Return to the cave. The player will be worried that the plan won’t work, and Frogger might admit that it might not. You will be told by the game that you have reached a point of no returns.
  • You can trust that everything will be fine and that the frog won’t curse you.

Only the Foreman or Frogger will swap bodies in the end. All others will be content to return to their original bodies.


Written by Jack B Nymble

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Shadows Over Loathing – Freaky Frogday achievement; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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