Portal – How to use Hammer++ on Linux

Portal – How to use Hammer++ on Linux 1 - steamlists.com
Portal – How to use Hammer++ on Linux 1 - steamlists.com

Hey there, welcome to this post, This post will provide you with information regarding the Portal – How to use Hammer++ on Linux, and we hope you will find this material helpful.

This guide will teach you how to install Hammer++ on Linux using Portal


Here we are:

1. Open the Portal properties on Steam.

2. Open the compatibility tab

3. Click Force Compatibility button to enable Proton 4.2-4.9.

4. Right-click on Portal and select Browse local files.

5. Copy the contents and paste to a temporary folder. (e.g. /home/[your name]/Downloads/tempbin)

6. Proton can be disabled by going to the Portal’s properties.

7. Wait for your game to update automatically

8. Skip replacing files and copy the contents of the temporary directory into the Portal bin.

9. Download the Hammer++ Source SDK 2013, Singleplayer, from their website.

10. Extract the contents from the file

11. Copy the Hammer++ bin folder that you made into the Portal folder

12. Click “ADD a GAME” and then select a non-Steam game.

13. Click Browse, navigate to the Portal bin folder, and change the File Type at the bottom to All

14. Click on Hammer++ executable

15. Now that you have added it to your Steam Library, click the Hammer++ icon in your library.

16. Click on properties, then click compatibility.

17. Force compatibility for Proton 4.2.1-9

18. Launch Hammer++, and enjoy.

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