Monster Hunter: World – Tips How to Defeat Shara Ishvalda

Monster Hunter: World – Tips How to Defeat Shara Ishvalda 1 -
Monster Hunter: World – Tips How to Defeat Shara Ishvalda 1 -

This is some tips that I can give you to fight Shara Ishvalda. Maybe not the best one, but I hope that this can help you in any way! 🙂

Some tips to fight Shara Ishvalda…

Monster Hunter: World - Tips How to Defeat Shara Ishvalda - Some tips to fight Shara Ishvalda... - 7E74B96

I struggled a looot when i fight Shara Ishvalda for the first time… So i hope this guide can help anyone who struggled to fight it too. For your information, for this guide i use switch axe as the weapon. So maybe there’s some difference with other weapon for some points in this guide.

– [When Shara is still on the stone armor mode] Use clutch claw to wound every part of it’s body

Wound it’s head, wings, hands, legs and tail. For switch axe, one weapon attack is enough to wound one body part. This way, your attacks won’t bounce when you attack Shara. Well, even if you don’t wound it’s wings/hand/tail, your attack won’t bounce if you attack it’s head and chest. But this will come handy when Shara dive into the sand. You will aim it’s head, but sometimes your attack can hit it’s wings too. So when the wings is wounded, you can go wild and attack more freely! I found this really helpful when i use wild swings when Shara sink into the sand.

– Try to flinch shot it to the boulders on the wall anytime you have a chance

There’s this boulders on the wall. You will recognize it by the yellow icon on the map. There’s one boulder when Shara is still on the stone armor, and there’s three boulders when Shara’s not in the stone armor anymore. If the boulders hits Shara when the stone armor is on, then some parts of the stone armor will be broken a few times and Shara will fall to the ground. And if the boulders hits Shara when the armor is off, then It can make Shara fall to the ground (usually flinch shot won’t make armorless Shara fall even if it hits the wall).

– Use temporal mantle

Temporal mantle is very useful for me to fight Shara Ishvalda. Sometimes, it’s attack is not predictable. By the time you realize that it’s going to do a certain attack, you found it too late and end up being hit by those attack and faints… But if you have a temporal mantle ready, you can just equip it and being saved from some deadly attacks. It’s duration and recharge time is not that good, but it still did a good job for me.

– [When shara is not on the stone armor] Avoid hitting it’s head and wings

Sure, head and wings is Shara’s weak points. But hitting those part is very risky because it’s head and wings is constantly attacking and shooting winds. Instead, just focus on attacking it’s tail and feet. There are a lot of openings and chance to hit it’s tail and feet, especially when Shara is doing the “kamehameha” thing.

– Don’t stand in the sand

Shara often send some vibrations to the ground that can make the ground explodes. Usually, the explosion will come out from the sands. So do your best to avoid sands as much as possible. The only situation for me that’s okay to stand in the sand is when Shara is sinking into the ground when it’s on the stone armor mode.

–My decoration and potions preferences : —

I always use the protection and steadfast jewel level 3 to fight a strong monster like Shara. This way, the divine protection can reduces damages greatly from deadly attacks, and the steadfast jewel will give you the stun resistance skill. For the potions, i drink mega demondrug and mega armorskin before fighting Shara. And i always bring 10 first aid meds, 10 mega potions, 1 ancient potions and 2 max potions.

Well, all of the tips above is pretty general. But i hope that this tips can help you fight Shara Ishvalda more easily. My english is not that good, but I hope that you can understand what i meant to say in this guide. Good luck hunters, happy hunting!

Monster Hunter: World - Tips How to Defeat Shara Ishvalda - Some tips to fight Shara Ishvalda... - B99BF00

Written by manda0099

This is all about Monster Hunter: World – Tips How to Defeat Shara Ishvalda; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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