Get To The Orange Door – Game FAQS and Reviews Information Tips

Get To The Orange Door – Game FAQS and Reviews Information Tips 1 -
Get To The Orange Door – Game FAQS and Reviews Information Tips 1 -

So, you decided to post that question, and the community didn’t care…

The Most Basic Question

Where the hell IS The Orange Door?

Somewhere in the level, there is a big, green glowing pad. This Green Pad is actually “The Orange Door.” There is an obelisk in the center- you must interact with it in order to start a horde rush. The screen will turn glitchy for a moment, and a large pink outline will appear in the distance. Killing enemies within this pink AoE will “charge” the door. You can see how much left you have to charge just below your shield/health in the form of a percentage. Once you’ve blown apart enough digital representations of people and monsters, everything dies, and the door is open.

In general, if you’re having issues with finding it, the green wall panels will have chevrons (little arrows) pointing in a direction. It’s a safe bet to follow those. Some of them lead in a circle, sometimes, which may mean you have to get vertical.

How Do I Earn Monies?

Getting kills.

The nuance is that there exists a multiplier for multi-kills. The more kills you get, the higher the multiplier. The higher the multiplier, the more money you get from kills. The multiplier goes up to x64, or x128 with a particular randomly dropped power-up. This encourages going on full rampages and killing as quickly and accurately as possible, because if you fall off you’ll have to rebuild the multiplier.

How does the enemy scaling work?

There is no scaling, only more things to shoot.

Whenever you kill enemies, you don’t level up yourself. They don’t get stronger, either. You just piss everyone else off that you’re not dead yet, so they send more dudes. A lot more dudes. Then they start spawning more advanced units like riot shielders and rocket launcher tanks. Then they start sending more of those when you start shooting them to pieces, too. Then they start sending them way more often, giving you less room to breathe. The good news is, you can handle them with whatever gun strikes your fancy- there’s no massive HP pools out of nowhere, or instakill baddies you have to cheese the AI and snipe. The thing is, there will be a lot of them.

Remember, you’re not “surrounded.” You’re in a target rich environment.

How Do I get stronger?

Git gud.

You don’t get more HP. You don’t get better shields. Your guns do not gain power per kill. However, the same goes for the baddies. They only spawn more advanced units that inherently have more HP or a shield. Those wimpy little melee and shooter guys will stay wimpy, they’ll just be twenty of them around at once.

On a more serious note, however, there are typically shrines at the very opening of levels. If you beat the level, the item will spawn for you on the next level. However, turning them on will invite a consistent horde rush that will chase you throughout the level, in addition to whatever enemies may exist. Combine this with a boss battle and you may have an issue. You have the option of using these, however, and they are never required.

Similarly, the “Build-A-Bang” shrines make guns stupidly powerful, to the point you’ll probably end up looping around to the first level several times in one go. These are expensive, however, in the vein of 12.5k points.

If you need a little insta-oomph, shooting while wallrunning deals more damage and has better range with whatever gun you happen to be using.

Slo-Mo regenerates on kills. Time Stop, your ultimate, charges from kills as well. Abuse them, because you’ll be getting a lot of kills.

Finally, there may be upgrade “cylinders” in the map. These will upgrade your inventory, allowing you to carry an additional gun, up to 8.

How does the Build-A-Bang work?

Shove in your currently equipped gun & and a bunch of money.

You’ll receive the legendary variant of that weapon once it’s done chewing. Remember to take it after the short wait.

How do the Inventory Upgrade Stations work?

Activate them and get ready for a fight.

While most of the game just throws more enemies at you, these can spawn mini-bosses or suicide bomber waves on activation, in addition to whatever you’re fighting. Whatever the fight is, it will have its own health bar below yours at the top of the screen. Once you complete the fight, you’ll get your slot by activating the cylinder again, and the unit will shut down.

How Do I Open Sprint Chests?

Run like hell to get there before the timed lock seals them up. That’s literally it. The times on them can get pretty restrictive, however, so you’ll need to actually not suck at the wallrunning element.

How do I get into the Laser Doors?

Find the Key

You might find red laser doors in the map. These can be opened with hidden keys within the map. You’ll have to use your movement options to figure out where they are, but once you have the key, the lasers drop and you can get inside. Yes, it’s that easy, and that difficult.

How do I turn off the tutorial?

In the class/card confirmation menu.

Once you select your “Card” (or class, if you like), there is a big confirmation screen. One of the buttons is Confirm, Back, and then there’s a big glowy thing that says Tutorials On. That’s a button too! Press it to toggle the tutorial off. It stays off once toggled, and can be toggled back on from this same screen.

Should I go back to base through the portals at the level starts?

Only if you want some cheap guns & have an open inventory slot. The base isn’t fully fleshed out yet, as it’s early access (at the time of writing this guide). There is still a small shop with a few guns you can nab that are generally cheaper, but if you don’t have an inventory slot, it’s a wasted trip.

Where do I find x Gun?

It’s RNG, you’re screwed. (barring some secret zones that always contain a particular gun drop).

However, there are a couple that are NOT RNG. The plasma cannon, and the burst cannon. These can be found as enemy drops. When you kill infantry or dredges, there’s a chance they’ll drop a green gun shaped particle. If you interact with that particle before it vanishes, you’ll get their guns for the cost of the bullets that went into the owner.

Written by Killer Bnuuy

This is all about Get To The Orange Door – Game FAQS and Reviews Information Tips; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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