Divine Divinity – Game Config DirectDraw (ddraw.ini) – Issue Fix

Divine Divinity – Game Config DirectDraw (ddraw.ini) – Issue Fix 1 - steamlists.com
Divine Divinity – Game Config DirectDraw (ddraw.ini) – Issue Fix 1 - steamlists.com

DirectDraw can fix compatibility issues in older games, such as black screen, bad performance, crashes or defective Alt+Tab. Windowed Mode / Fullscreen Exclusive Mode / Borderless Mode.


  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Wine
  • Windowed Mode / Fullscreen Exclusive Mode / Borderless Mode
  • Alt+Enter support to switch quickly between Fullscreen and Windowed mode
  • Automatically saves and restores window position/size/state
  • GDI / OpenGL / Direct3D 9 renderer (With automatic renderer selection)
  • FPS Limiter
  • VSync
  • Optional mouse sensitivity scaling



Divine Divinity - Game Config DirectDraw (ddraw.ini) - Issue Fix - Instructions - 5EEAD25

Note: If you want to play in windowed mode then start the game once in fullscreen and then press Alt+Enter to enable the cnc-ddraw windowed mode (Or enable windowed mode in the config program without using Alt+Enter).

If the game starts but it doesn’t work perfectly then open the config program and check the Compatibility settings. Alternatively you can also open ddraw.ini with notepad and modify the Compatibility settings in there.

Compatibility settings in ddraw.ini


  • If there are problems on Alt+Tab then try to set noactivateapp=true – If it still doesn’t work also try renderer=opengl or renderer=gdi.
  • If the game is running too fast then try to set maxgameticks=60 – If it’s still too fast, try a lower value.
  • If windowed mode or upscaling are not working properly then try to set hook=2 and renderer=gdi.
  • If videos or other UI elements are invisible then try to set nonexclusive=true.
  • If some parts of the screen are being displayed diagonally then try to set fixpitch=true.
  • If the game is stuttering on a Freesync/G-Sync monitor then try to set minfps=-1.



  • [Alt] + [Enter] = Switch between windowed and fullscreen mode
  • [Ctrl] + [Tab] = Unlock cursor
  • [Right Alt] + [Right Ctrl] = Unlock cursor


Issues in github

for problems issues in github – [github.com]

Written by Kor Angar

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Divine Divinity – Game Config DirectDraw (ddraw.ini) – Issue Fix, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!


  1. Found and solved another issue – the movies stutter to oblivion while using CnC-ddraw (which doesn’t occur if I rename its dll file) – the time in the video when it starts to stutter is almost random, but the intro video never gets to the “wilderness part” as it gets stuck at a random time before that.

    To solve this particular issue, singlecpu in ddraw.ini must be set to false (it is true by default, as most old games can’t really do multithreading, I presume). I’ve tried every other option beforehand and this was pretty much the very last option I haven’t originally tried (with the exception of keyboard shortcuts), so I was pretty much ready to throw in the towel.

  2. So I finally figured out why my game was crashing with that CnC-ddraw. If the resolution in the game itself is set too high, then it will crash with CnC-ddraw, but the work correctly in such a high resolution without CnC-ddraw.

    1024×768 is a safe resolution (I’m going to be upscaling the game to 2560×1440, which is what I had chosen originally in the game). Let me figure out how high I can go before it starts crashing. OK, figured it out via trial and error, the highest is 1280×1024!

    So low enough resolution (1280×1024 is the max) must be set in the game itself and then it hast to be upscaled via CnC-ddraw of anyone wants more. Could you add this VERY IMPORTANT PART to your guide?

  3. Without CnC-ddraw, the game works exactly as it should. Can even select high resolutions, like 2560×1440. The only thing the game doesn’t have… is Windowed mode.

    After putting CnC-ddraw in to the installation folder, the game flickers and CTDs when starting. No matter what setting I change, nothing affects this. The game itself is set to software rendering.

    I’ve tried changing pretty much every option in ddraw.ini to no avail. Read the comments there, so I know that hook=2 should be used with renderer=gdi, etc. Nothing modifies the CTD in any way, shape or form.

    I’ve got the GOG version (not the Steam one).
    Windows 7 64-bit
    AMD FX 8350
    Nvidia GTX Titan X
    32 GB RAM
    32 TB total of drive space (that 32 isn’t a typo…)

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