Monster Hunter: World – Mods List Guide

Monster Hunter: World – Mods List Guide 1 -
Monster Hunter: World – Mods List Guide 1 -
A mod list to bring QOL improvements to World, but without completing changing the game.


A Vanilla+ MHW Iceborne Mod List


Welcome to Worldly Improvements. In this guide, I’ll be recommending some mods to improve the general quality of life in the game, with primarily changes to convenience and reducing the more inane grinding, along with some mild performance enhancements.

For those of you in other modding communities, you may know what to expect already. However, some of you may not have heard the term “vanilla+” before, so for those people I’ll briefly explain. Vanilla+ is a philosophy of modding that aims to enhance the existing content of a game, rather than replacing it’s mechanics or gameplay outright, or add new features in excess. The goal is to feel as if it was always a part of the base game, integrating seamlessly and creating a better experience.

Essentially, you won’t see new monsters, weapons, armors, or items in this mod list.

“Manual installs? Or mod manager?”


For this guide, I’d strongly recommend a mod manager.
I always suggest – or – Your choice.

“Will This Get Me Banned?”


World does not give online bans often, unless it’s something egregious like a one-shot mod. You might ruin another player’s experiences by hosting if they enjoy grinding for certain types of items, however. For your convenience, I’ve separated mods that could theoretically be detrimental to others in online play into their own section.



By using this list you agree that neither I (the guide author) nor any mod creators are to be held accountable for issues (technical, gameplay, bans, ect.) that occur at any point, whether during the initial modding process or your game playthrough. Neither should anyone be expected to give you technical support. Additionally, while these game modifications worked together at the time of writing, but I do not guarantee their functionality in the future nor on future game updates.

Third party modifications are all provided as-is. By using mods, you’re do so at your own risk.
You have been warned.

Essential Mods – Safe for Online Play

This section will cover mods that are bare necessities. These should be used regardless if you plan on modding, IMHO, and will greatly improve your PC experience. They also can be used in online play without risk of bans, as they’ll add no discernible nor detrimental gameplay difference to others, and only affect a player who has it installed. –

Many mods will install a loose file into your game’s NativePC folder, which will replace the base game’s asset. However, in a previous update, developers removed this functionality. Stracker’s Loader will fix this, allowing the game to load mods’ loose assets you put into the folder once again.

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The game has a constant code error checking running in the background. This might be good on paper. Instead of looking at any important code, however, it looks at regions of code the game never uses, and will immediately crash the game if it does find any errors. This mod will disable the useless error checking. This will reduce the likelihood of random crashes, and reduce CPU usage. Should greatly increase performance on CPU bottle-necked systems, while giving a mild performance improvement for systems that already run the game fine. –

There’s a bug in the game’s code where hit registration gets screwy, when you’re getting under 60 FPS and using an attack that has multiple hits. Things like pierce ammo for bowguns suffer a lot from it, for example. This mod will fix the issue. –

This mod is absolutely underrated. It makes it so that when holding a button, it’ll count as an additional button press as long as you’re holding it. Makes even something as simple as combo timing feel much more pleasant. Take a little getting used to, then it’s smooth sailing from there.

Here’s some examples listed on the mod page of improvements this’ll bring:

  • Can hold pick-up key while running over items/drops
  • Can hold use item key to sheathe+use item with only 1 key press.
  • Can hold attack buttons to continue combo chains
  • Can hold attack button to machine gun fire with bowguns. –

Drops aren’t the easiest thing in the world to see, especially when your vision is impaired like mine. This mod will make any drops easier to see and comes in three different flavors. I’d recommend the projecting drops version, as it’s what I use.

Here’s an example of the projecting version, from the mod page:
Monster Hunter: World - Mods List Guide –

As a newer player to the game and the franchise in general, I get a little confused by flavor text easy. This mod will clarify it. It changes the descriptions of items to say exactly what an item does, how much, and for how long. If you plan on using only the Essentials section of the list, use the main version. If you want to use my other listed mods too, be sure to grab the Skills Only version.

Here’s what the mod looks like in-game, from the mod page:
Monster Hunter: World - Mods List Guide

Gameplay Mods – Ideal for Solo Play or Identically Modded Players

These are what bring quality of life improvements to the gameplay. You’ll overall have more convenience and less grind, allowing for a more casual time, without completely handing everything to the player. Be warned, however, that these mods are ideally for solo play, or for online with friends who are okay with a modded experience. I don’t recommend hosting hunts for people who are unaware of your mods. I also can’t guarantee the mods will or won’t work for others who haven’t installed them too.

If you intend to play with this section of mod list as a group, you should all have them installed! –

Items feel like they don’t last very long. This will make the following each last one full hour:

  • Adamant Pill
  • Adamant Seed
  • Armor Ammo
  • Cool Drink
  • Dash Juice
  • Demon Ammo
  • Demon Powder
  • Hard-shell Powder
  • Hot Drink
  • Immunizer
  • Might Seed
  • Might Pill –

The shop is missing a few key items here and there, adding a bit too much prep work than I’d personally like. Something as basic as a trap should surely be available in a shop. That’s where this mod comes in. It adds various convenience items to the shop, while being careful to not be too unreasonably cheat-like.

The items it adds are as follows:

  • Mega Potion
  • Nulberry
  • Mega Nutriens
  • Dash Juice
  • Mega Demondrug
  • Mega Armorskin
  • Demon Powder
  • Tranq Bomb
  • Great Sushifish Scale
  • Wetfish Fin+
  • Pitfall Trap
  • Shock Trap
  • Mega Barrel Bomb –

I’ll let the author describe this one.

“The mod contains more viable options in order to farm decorations instead of hunting Zinogre´s family for literal decades. I do know grind is the biggest and most important part of the game, however, I do differentiate between good and bad grind. Therefore, I gave the player the following new methods in order to get decorations:

  • Now all four melding tickets for decorations are within the Steamworks-droplist instead of only three
  • All four melding tickets combined can now give you every single decoration in the game instead of only approximately 60%
  • Furthermore, I have added all four tickets into the argosy trade list with very slim chances. This way especially new players can get their hands on at least some early decorations before Iceborne.
  • I´ve modified the feystone droprate slighlty in order to make the decorations drops more diverse ( see pictures for old and new rates )
  • Last but not least, I´ve modified some bounty rewards in master rank. All hunting quests now give you some gold melding tickets instead of giving you armor spheres 100% of the time, which makes the bounty system viable again.” –

This lets you get Unique Materials and Spiritvein Gems much more easily, without going all out and becoming an instant drop cheat mod. The way it does this is by making bone materials drop less. You’ll generally get much more item drops of other types.

By KaptainCnucklz

This is all about Monster Hunter: World – Mods List Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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