How to Find Scan Jammers in Starfield

How to Find Scan Jammers in Starfield 1 -
How to Find Scan Jammers in Starfield 1 -

How to Find Scan Jammers in Starfield

Are you looking for Scan Jammers in Starfield? Let me point you in the right direction. Over at The Red Mile in the Porrima System, there’s this dude named Lon Anderssen. He’s got a solid collection and won’t rip you off.

There’s also Jasmine Durand from the Crimson Fleet. You can catch her at The Key in the Kryx System. She’s known for high-quality stuff, so you can’t go wrong there.

But if I had to pick? I’d go with Lon at The Red Mile. The guy’s legit, and it’s also just easier to get to. So, whether you want a Scan Jammer for floating around or something more serious, hit up Lon at The Red Mile or Jasmine at The Key. They’ll sort you out.

Where to Grab Scan Jammers from Lon Anderssen at The Red Mile

So, if you decide on Lon Anderssen at The Red Mile, here’s a quick guide on grabbing those Scan Jammers:

  1. Have a chat with Lon Anderssen at The Red Mile. Choose the “I’d like to view and modify my ships” option.
  2. On the shipping screen, hit the B key to pop into shipbuilder mode. This is where the magic happens, and you can tweak your ship.
  3. Now, hit the G key to add a new module. Go to Equipment and bam! You’ll see those sweet Scan Jammers Lon’s selling.

Scan Jammer – Single-Frequency

Price: 2700 Credits

And the best part? No skills needed.

Scan Jammer – Dual-Frequency

Price: 4500 Credits

You’ll need Starship Design Rank 1 for this one.

Scan Jammer – Multi-Frequency

Price: 9000 Credits

For the pros, you need Starship Design Rank 2. As you level up in Starship Design, you get cooler Scan Jammers. Also, you can get a sweet discount if you’re into the Commerce thing. And for those sneaky folks, having the Deception skill helps when you don’t want the law on your tail.

Getting Those Scan Jammers Set Up in Starfield

Got your Scan Jammer? Awesome! Let’s get it set up. Dive into shipbuilder mode, head over to Equipment, and pick your Scan Jammer.

Next up, you want to slot that Scan Jammer in. Go to Structural, get an Equipment Plate, and find a cozy spot on your ship. I prefer right on top of the Habs.

Giving Your Ship a Little Extra

Slot the Equipment Plate in, then plop the Scan Jammer on top. Need more than one? Just rinse and repeat. And if you’re into sneaky stuff, slap on some Shielded Cargo. It’s like sunglasses for your contraband. Combine that with Scan Jammers, and you’re ready to take on Starfield.

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