Starfield – How to Easily Access Your Ship Inventory

Starfield – How to Easily Access Your Ship Inventory 1 -
Starfield – How to Easily Access Your Ship Inventory 1 -

Starfield – How to Easily Access Your Ship Inventory

Ever wondered how to keep track of all the cool stuff you gather in Starfield? Don’t fret. Here, we’ll help you find out how to check your Ship’s Inventory in just a few steps.

Where to Open Your Ship Inventory?

When you’re on your Ship, head to the Data Menu. Here, open your Inventory. With your Inventory up and running, simply hit the “Q” key. And voila! You’re now looking at your Cargo Hold. It’s a nifty spot to keep all the goods you find on your journey.

How About the Cargo Hold Panel?

There’s another way too! Inside your Ship, there’s a Cargo Hold panel. Feel free to interact with it. It’s like opening the door to your personal storage in space, making it super easy to handle the items you collect.

But hey, remember this! Your Ship’s Cargo Hold isn’t endless. There’s a weight limit to keep in mind. So, always keep an eye on the space left when you’re stashing away your treasures. A good practice? Whenever you’re in a City, think about storing the loot you cherish the most. And maybe sell the extra stuff you don’t really need. That way, you make space for new, exciting finds.

Fun fact: Some Ships have extra spots to store items. For instance, in the Frontier – your first Ship – there’s a neat little Captain’s Locker. It’s tucked away right behind the cockpit, on the right side. Make sure to use these bonus spaces; they can really help keep things tidy!

Also, for those starting out, your room at the Constellation Lodge has a special treat: a storage safe that can hold… well, everything! It’s super handy, especially if buying a personal House is still on your wishlist.

Last but not least, a tip! Before diving into a new adventure, ensure there’s enough space in your Ship’s Cargo Bay. It’ll help you keep all the amazing loot and materials you pick up along the way. Keeping things neat and sorted means you’re all set to face the surprises Starfield has in store for you.

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