House Party – Liz Katz Expansion Pack DLC Guide

House Party – Liz Katz Expansion Pack DLC Guide 1 -
House Party – Liz Katz Expansion Pack DLC Guide 1 -

Hi, welcome to this post, In this guide, we will tell you everything about House Party – Liz Katz Expansion Pack DLC Follow this guide each steps.

I discovered when playing the Liz Katz DLC that the majority of players are having difficulties and searching for a guide, but I was unable to locate one anywhere. I therefore made a guide for you.

After all clues, it is advised to save your game. Otherwise, it is impossible to duplicate the scenes.

How to get invited to “Liz Katz” The Party

(Derek First) Say hello to everyone at the event. For the best outcome, follow the steps below to stop talking and cease the chats. Liz Katz will knock on the door after greeting everyone and a red-toned notification will appear on the screen. Please let her in by opening the door.

Meet Derek: Thanks for inviting me to the party – Rough week? – Is everything ok? – Sounds good buddy.

Meet Stephanie: Nice to meet you, Stephanie – I’ll see you arround, Stephanie.

Meet Patrick: See you around, Patrick.

Meet Ashley: Ashley! So are you the Co-Host of this party? – See you later Ashley.

Meet Rachael: Nice to meet you, Rachael – Well pick this up later, I’ve gotta run.

Meet Madison: Tanks for letting me come! – You’re doing fine – Its how bakers keep score! – Yeah most definitely.

Meet Frank: I’m completely sober!

Meet Katherine: We use the word “Need” outside of its intended purpose – Always a pleasure Katherine.

Meet Leah: See Ya arround, Leah.

Meet Amy: Hey Amy, Nice to meet you – See you Amy.

Meet Brittney: Ciao Bella

Chapter Start

After Madison, Patrick, and Liz Katz have finished talking,

  • Talk to Liz Katz and wait for her to chat with you again.
  • After speaking with you again, proceed with the steps. – That’s a wonderful trunk you have. – I was wondering about that cool trunk you brought. – It appears big enough to accommodate a corpse in. – I’ll be your audience – Perhaps we met tonight by chance.
  • Talk to her again later and select Ask me anything to strengthen your relationship.
  • I’d f*ck the man in the hockey mask. Click Ask Me Anything Again, and then choose Definitely Deadpool, So, you don’t like older men?
  • Speak with her again and choose I hear you’re a cosplayer?
  • Is that a profession? I’m sure it’s a lot of work, but it’s impressive! I stan.
  • When she speaks to you, make a firm decision.
  • She will give you the key to her chest in the art room upstairs at the end of the chat.


Walkthrough #1

Locate the art room upstairs. Click on the chest to open it, then select “inspect”. When the power goes out, take the flashlight from your inventory and use it. Fill it in while holding down the right mouse button, then go downstairs to the garage and reset the breaker panel. Then pick the hammer off the ground and place it next to the orange box. Go to the door and use the hammer to open it. Go to the freezer and open it with a hammer. Take a look at Patrick’s head on the ground.

House Party - Liz Katz Expansion Pack DLC Guide - Walkthrough #1 - 5BC286E

House Party - Liz Katz Expansion Pack DLC Guide - Walkthrough #1 - F4C706B

Clue #1

Speak with Liz Katz and choose – So you’re not one of your murder mysteries?, Okay, Liz, I believe you, Partners in love, See you later, Liz. Go to the garage, push the orange box to the left of the penguin, inspect the vent, and then notify Liz Katz. Talk to Liz Katz once again to begin the stepsister sequence. Select “we can throw it in the dryer” after selecting this option. Close the door to the washing room and speak with her. Then, to save her, use the hammer in the laundry to obtain Clue#1, access inventory, inspect it, and retrieve Patrick’s Head from the dryer.

House Party - Liz Katz Expansion Pack DLC Guide - Clue #1 - 36E8609

Clue #2

Step outside into the garden. Locate Ac Unit, then click the knife and inspect. Discuss this hint with Liz Katz and then follow her. chat to her again, and then go chat to Ashley and Madison about the clue in the garden. Then accompany them to Ac Unit. Talk to them again and take this knife and hammer on the ac unit to acquire Clue#2 open inventory inspect it.

House Party - Liz Katz Expansion Pack DLC Guide - Clue #2 - 52334D1

Clue #3

Talk to Liz Katz select – You want to go check out that vent in the garage with me? Talk again Liz select it looks like there’s something in the vent here, but the cover is jammed shut then click air vent use with hammer. Clue #3 in your inventory, inspect this.

Clue #4

Examine and take the notebook from close to the blue sofa in the main room. Then, discuss the notebook with Liz Katz. Hold this notepad and look at the figures in it. Discuss Patrick’s notebook with everyone before heading to Brittney. Select So, how are you doing? Go talk to Liz Katz about the invitation, then talk to Katherine about it. – I have a buddy who has locked themself out of an internet account. Follow Katherine and talk to her, and tell her your Instagram id. Discuss the invitation with Liz.

House Party - Liz Katz Expansion Pack DLC Guide - Clue #4 - 839448E

House Party - Liz Katz Expansion Pack DLC Guide - Clue #4 - A3412C5


Go outside and pound the bag down with a hammer.

  • Select – What is brahd mode, and how do I enable it? – Okay, I’ll give it my best attempt.
  • After you’ve selected your selections, close it and click on the bag in your inventory to access the secret bo*b options.
  • Figures should be as follows: flick bo*b – flick b*ob – squeeze b*ob – squeeze b*ob – pinch b*ob- pinch b*ob – twist b*ob – lick b*ob – suck b*ob.
  • After that, pick – All your boobs are mine and enter VR with Liz.

Clue #5

Speak with Patrick. Choose – Patrick, all we need to know is who killed you and why. Speak with Liz. Talk to Liz about the clues on the back of the pillow, the blueprint, and the magazine. Next, choose Is there anything else here? OH HELL YES!. Examine Clue #5.

When speaking with Liz, always select the first option, Score!.

  • Talk once again. Liz, choose – Do you have any excellent suggestions for how we can remove the killer from the ventilation system?
  • Open the cabinet in the art room and take the broom.
  • Go to the garage, take the dusty penguin, then go to the living room,
  • take the matchbox (near the speaker), and go to the garden to find AC Unit
  • use the broom with Ac Unit, use the penguin with a broom, use the matchbox with a penguin.
  • Wait for Liz to say something and kiss you.
  • Discuss the possibility of forcing the killer with Frank, Leah, Madison, and Ashley.

    House Party - Liz Katz Expansion Pack DLC Guide - Clue #5 - 6564CD1

    House Party - Liz Katz Expansion Pack DLC Guide - Clue #5 - 2F9A20A

    House Party - Liz Katz Expansion Pack DLC Guide - Clue #5 - 6B60D6D

    House Party - Liz Katz Expansion Pack DLC Guide - Clue #5 - BA6D64C

    House Party - Liz Katz Expansion Pack DLC Guide - Clue #5 - EDC8D88

    Optional: Before putting the penguin, you can blow the Patric’s head if you want.


Turn off all the vents like in this video.

Save game and talk to Frank,Leah,Ashley,Madison again we’re about to Patrick’s killer into the garage option. Wait for everyone to gather in the garage and ask if they are all ready. Then some vents will re-open. Go to last control the vents and close all the vents again and go back garage.

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