Starfield – How to Make Money And Get Rich Fast

Starfield – How to Make Money And Get Rich Fast 1 -
Starfield – How to Make Money And Get Rich Fast 1 -

Starfield – How to Make Money And Get Rich Fast

Let’s Talk Big Bucks in Starfield!

Trading: Starting out? Selling cool stuff you find is an easy way to get some cash. Look around for fancy items in places like boxes or on shelves. “Jemison Mercantile” in New Atlantis is a good shop, right by the starport. But, hey! Don’t stick to just one shop. There’s plenty in big towns where you can sell things and get credit.

Want to step up your trading game? Check the mission boards in big towns. They’re close to the bounty remover, managed by the Trade Authority. They’ve got jobs for you to move stuff across space. Make sure your ship has enough room!

Smuggling: Feeling brave? Smuggling can make you a lot of money. But it’s risky! For this, you need a ship with secret storage spots. Places like Neon, Cydonia, and The Key are hot for secret deals. And if you’re still figuring things out, “The Well” in New Atlantis might have some chances for you.

Did you get some stolen stuff? You need people called fences to sell to. They hang out in cities. The markets on The Key or the shady dealers on Neon are good places to start. Being friends with the big groups in charge can help a lot. If smuggling sounds fun but confusing, our Contraband Guide can help you make money the sneaky way.

Questing: Love a good story? Quests and missions can give you lots of rewards. There are special boards in towns that have quests for you. Some popular quests are:
Crimson Fleet/UC Investigation: Finish this, and you might get 250,000 credits!
Freestar Collective Ranger Missions: Do cool tasks like bounties or rescues to earn regularly.
Ryujin Job Quests: In Neon, an interview or a terminal starts this high-paying quest.

Tricky Ways: If you don’t mind bending game rules, there are clever ways to get rich in Starfield. You can use cheats or play with game commands. But remember, it might change how fun the game is for you.

Want to feel super rich without working for it? PC gamers, listen up! By pressing (`Shift + ‘`), you can put in this command: `player.additem 000000f ###`. Swap out the `###` with how much you want and, poof, you’re rich! The cool part? This money doesn’t weigh anything, so you can carry as much as you like.

Armed with these tips, you’re ready to make a lot of money in Starfield. Happy adventuring, and good luck getting rich!

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