Starfield – How to Master Digipick & Lockpicking

Starfield – 1 -
Starfield – 1 -

Starfield – How to Master Digipick & Lockpicking

In the world of Starfield, being good at the lockpicking game can open many doors (literally!). Here’s a friendly guide to help you nail it!

What You’ll Need: Digipicks and Security

First things first: you’ll need Digipicks and the right Security Skill level. The better your Security Skills, the tougher locks you can pick. At Rank 3, you can even try Master-level locks.

Meet the Lockpicking Screen

Have you got a Digipick? Great! Now, when you click on a lock, you’ll see the lockpicking screen. There’s a lock in the middle and keys on the right. Time to get to work!

Your Goal: Line them Up!

You’ll see lines on the keys. Match them with holes on the lock rings. Fill up a whole ring with lines, and you’ve cracked that layer!

Layers, Layers Everywhere!

Locks have many layers. More layers mean tougher locks. And guess what? You’ll get more keys, but not all are needed. So, keep an eye out for the right ones!

Mistakes Happen: Undo and Save

You can take back a move, but it’ll cost you a Digipick. Tip: Save your game before you pick. If it doesn’t work out, reload. But every reload changes the lock design!

Want the Cyber Jockey Badge?

Break open 50 locks, and the Cyber Jockey award is yours! Boost your chances by leveling up your Security Skills. It helps, I promise!

Lockpicking: Some Quick Tips

1. Don’t Rush: Take a moment. Look at the rings. Deeper lock layers have smaller rings.
2. Look for Blue Rings: A blue ring means the key you picked fits. All white? Wrong key.
3. Try All Keys: Some keys fit more than one ring. So, check all rings before choosing.
4. Use Auto Slots: Once you’re good, the game will help pick keys for some locks. It’s super handy when there are too many keys!

Need More Digipicks? Here’s Where!

Bad guys and other folks drop Digipicks. Or look near locked stuff. Cities like New Atlantis sell them, too. Shops like The Key’s Mercantile Shop and UC Distribution Center have them in the “Misc” section. They’re cheap, so buy lots!

Keep Your Digipicks Count High

Pick locks often and skip the undo. You’ll have lots of Digipicks. Are you running low? Skip the easy Novice storage boxes. They don’t give much anyway.

Where to Unlock Starfield’s Hidden Treasures

Now you’ve got the know-how. Dive into Starfield, become a lockpicking star, and find those hidden gems. Happy lockpicking!

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