Starfield – How to Maximize Space and Enjoy Stunning Views Houses

Starfield – How to Maximize Space and Enjoy Stunning Views Houses 1 -
Starfield – How to Maximize Space and Enjoy Stunning Views Houses 1 -

Starfield – How to Maximize Space and Enjoy Stunning Views Houses

Just like for us, finding that perfect home in Starfield is crucial. Sure, your ship might be great for holding onto important stuff and making trades, but having your very own space to chill is a game-changer. Here’s a neat guide on Starfield Houses to clue you in on where to get them and the amazing views you’ll get to enjoy.

Let’s dive into a virtual home tour, shall we?

There might not be a ton of houses up for grabs, but the ones out there? Absolutely top-notch. These homes have all the room you need to create, play around, and truly make them your own. Let’s take a sneak peek into these homes.

What’s New in Atlantis Houses?

The spot? New Atlantis. The choices? Two amazing homes. One of them, the Mercury Tower Penthouse, is yours for free when you finish the entire UC Vanguard Questline. A thanks from UC for all your hard work. Finish just a part of that questline, and you unlock the chance to buy another cool home in New Atlantis. Located super close to the train station and boasting a top-notch view, this place has a sweet crafting room and tons of free space. It’s easily the biggest house in Starfield. And if you’re looking for something on the budget-friendly side, The Well Apartment sits right in the heart of New Atlantis. It’s simpler, but you still get a nice, cozy place to call home.

Check Out Akila City Homes

Akila City is where you’ll find two more homes sold by our pal Ngodup Tate near Core Manor. The fancy Core Manor will cost you 78,000 Credits and sits in the city’s upper part, really close to some big silos. It’s a hop, skip, and jump away from the consulate and has a big open spot nearby. But if you’re in for a surprise, The Midtown Home, also called The Stretch Apartment, is tucked away near the city’s entrance. It might be compact, but don’t be fooled! It’s got plenty of room inside.

Houses in Neon: What’s the Buzz?

Neon’s got a couple of unique living options for you. First up, The Sky Suite. Sold by Boone, who hangs out behind the Astral Lounge’s bar, it’s a spacious apartment with views that will make your jaw drop. To get in, just use the elevator outside the Lounge. Now, if you’re okay with something simpler, there’s The Sleep Crate. Bought from a vendor in Ebbingside, it’s literally a crate with a bed. Small? Yes. But super cozy and perfect for a quick nap.

Spotlight on Olympus House

Over at Olympus, there’s just one house you can get. But there’s a catch. You can only grab The Nesoi House if you pick the “Dream Home” trait at the start of your game. The price? A mortgage of 125,000 credits that you can clear up to unlock complete access. The house isn’t just easy on the eyes; it’s also on a pretty quiet planet and lets you fast-travel straight to your doorstep.

Time to Add a Personal Touch to Your Starfield Home

You’ve got the keys to your new home. What’s next? It’s decorating time! Starfield offers endless ways to style your home, whether you like it simple or loaded with decor. Let your inner artist out and make your home feel like… well, home.

How to Make Your Starfield Home Truly Shine?

Found your dream home? Awesome! Now, make it feel like yours. Starfield offers two simple ways to decorate. You can either tap the white “Decorate” button on a wall or whip out your scanning tool by pressing R on PC or X on the Controller. This brings up a menu where you can craft a ton of items, provided you’ve got the materials. From tables to cool decor pieces or even things you’ve earned from quests, there’s no end to how you can customize your space. So, with this guide, you’re all set to find and jazz up your dream home in Starfield. Happy home hunting!

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Pro Tip: No dragging crafting stuff everywhere.

Bring Out Your Inner Designer – Your Starfield Home Awaits

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