Starfield – How to Save Everyone – The Ultimate Entangled Guide

Starfield – 1 -
Starfield – 1 -

Starfield – How to Save Everyone – The Ultimate Entangled Guide

Starfield’s Entangled Quest is key in the main storyline. The quest takes you to the Nishina Research Station. Here, a recent experiment didn’t go as planned, leading to two outcomes. In one, most of the staff at the facility survived. But in the other, only Rafael managed to escape while alien creatures invaded the facility.

While on this quest, you’ll face a pivotal decision. There’s a machine at the heart of the experiment. You need to turn it off. Not just because it has one of the Artefacts you’re after but also because it will determine if Rafael or the facility staff survive. It seems like you can only save one. But there’s a secret: you can save everyone.

Want to ensure everyone’s safety? First, find Rafael’s body in the regular universe. It’s below the control room. On him, you’ll find the Probe Calibration Protocol text log. This has the key steps to shut down the machine properly. And you’ll need to do this in both universes.

Before you even think of touching the machine, clear the facility of robots and aliens. The Lab Control Computer found high up in the room, is your best friend for the upcoming steps. One version of the lab is easy to enter, and the other requires using distortions.

Now, on the computer, pick the Degaussing option. This leads you to toggle some switches off and then on again. Look closely; the switches have numbers. And your quest will helpfully mark them in blue.

Do the Degaussing action in both universes. Just remember, switch off and on different sets of switches in each. After this, head back to the computer. It’s time for Frequency Calibration. This step might be tricky, as the exact numbers can change between gameplays. In the regular universe, go for 40 GHz. In the overrun one, select 24 GHz.

Almost there! On the left side of the lasers, find and activate the Primary Calibration Control buttons. Do this in both universes. Success! Everyone at the facility is safe.

You did an amazing job. Apart from the quest reward, you get 800XP and 17,000 Credits. Wait, there’s more. You also receive the epic Experimental Nishina Helmet and Spacesuit. These offer a perfect mix of weapons and elemental defenses.

Want to add Rafael to your squad? Visit the Viewport in New Atlantis. He’ll be thrilled to join you.

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