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DREDGE – Basic Stats and Aberrant Chance Guide 1 - steamlists.com

Hey there, welcome to this post, In this guide, we will tell you all about DREDGE – Basic Stats and Aberrant Chance Following this guide each steps.

A complete list of stats for the game.

Aberrant Chance

Add these values to calculate the probability of an aberrant chance.

  1. Chances at different times of the day: Daytime 1%, nighttime 3%.
  2. Uncaught Bonus: Each non-aberrant catch increases the chances. I’m unable to find the exact amount.
  3. Spot chance: The glowing areas have a 35% probability and guarantee at least one aberrant. These spots have a 2,5% chance of appearing during the day or 10% at nights.
  4. Gear chance: Set by certain rods, see stats here: https://dredge.fandom.com/wiki/Rod#Aberrant_Bonuses – [fandom.com]


  • Aberrant fish start to spawn only on day 5.
  • The maximum aberrant spawning chance is 35%.

The exact figures are:

  • aberrationStartDay: 5
  • baseAberrationSpawnChance: 0.01
  • nightAberrationSpawnChance: 0.03
  • specialSpotAberrationSpawnBonus: 0.35
  • maxAberrationSpawnChance: 0.35
  • specialSpotChanceDay: 0.025
  • specialSpotChanceNight: 0.1


Special Rods

Certain rods, or rod slot products, are more likely to find fish with aberrations.

The bonus listed below is a chance increase of +%.

Name Bonus Catches Notes
Sinew Spindle 1 Coastal, Shallow
Viscera Crane 2 Abyssal Hadal
Tendon Rod 2 Oceanic, Shallow Mangrove
Encrusted Talisman 2 Fishing speed increases by +300%
Sign of Ruin 5 DLC item Blackstone Key ( [steampowered.com]


Note: This info is also available on the wiki. It has images, shows, and slots. See here:

https://dredge.fandom.com/wiki/Rod#Aberrant_Bonuses – [fandom.com]


I haven’t seen any evidence that Bait increases the aberrant chance. However, I can share with you some stats:

  • numCellsPerFishBait: 4
  • numFishInBaitBallMin: 2
  • numFishInBaitBallMax: 4
  • numFishSpeciesInBaitBall: 4
  • baitedTrophyNotchSpawnChance: 0.4



Atrophy will always produce at least 1 aberrant or infected fish. Here are some stats I found.

  • atrophyStockPenalty: -10
  • atrophyGuaranteedAberrationCount: 1
  • atrophyTotalParasiteChance: 0.5
  • atrophyConditionMin: 0.75
  • atrophyConditionMax: 1.5

I would guess condition values set the freshness. Max freshness (“fresh”), is 3 (see below maxFreshness), so stale would be 2 and rotting 1, respectively. Atrophy fish always rot (1.5 – and I’d say that the atrophyConditionMin number of 0.75 means that it’s very near becoming mush.

Infected salmon will never decompose. Infected fish can be purchased at 50% off if you are hurrying to the shop.

Research Parts

Dredges have a small probability of revealing Research Parts (7%). They can also appear in crab pots (2%) but I’ve not seen them appear this way. If you have, please leave a comment below.

  • researchItemDredgeSpotSpawnChance: 0.07
  • researchItemCrabPotSpawnChance: 0.02



Other interesting stats

  • Special spots are more likely to appear at night or during the day.
  • The freshness of the fish is reduced by 1 rank or 2 ranks per 12 hours. The maximum is 3. 2 is stale, and 1 is rotting.
  • Trophy fish appear 7.5% of the time, but you must catch 5 fishes before another appears.
  • The banishing machine will last for half a-day. 12hrs.
  • The infection spreads in 0.2 days (4.8hrs) with a 15% probability.
  • There’s an indicator for infection/aberration, called “swapChance”, and it’s 15%. It appears that this means an infected animal has a 15 percent chance of becoming an aberration.

The exact data:

  • specialSpotChanceDay: 0.025
  • specialSpotChanceNight: 0.1
  • freshnessLossPerDay: 2
  • maxFreshness: 3
  • trophyNotchSpawnChance: 0.075
  • baitedTrophyNotchSpawnChance: 0.4
  • fishToCatchBetweenTrophyNotches: 5
  • banishMachineDurationDays: 0.5
  • itemInfectionSpreadIntervalDays: 0.2
  • itemInfectionSpreadChance: 0.15
  • infectionAberrationSwapChance: 0.15



A player reported that the DLC “Arterial Engine”, which increases its speed in the night (
Source – http://steamcommunity.com

). I was unable to confirm this, either in the game or by looking at code. Please let me if you can confirm it.

Notes to fellow data miners. I got these values by dumping the games with
AssetRipper (github.com)

. The stats listed are from GameConfigDataProd.asset (eg `aberrationStartDay`). The function CreateFishItem, which is where the aberrant chance can be found in ItemManager.cs (search for the “[ItemManager] spawning aberration chance” debug note).

Please note that although these values were correct at the moment of writing, they may be balanced differently on patches.

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