DREDGE – How to catch Angler Fish Tips

DREDGE – How to catch Angler Fish Tips 1 - steamlists.com
DREDGE – How to catch Angler Fish Tips 1 - steamlists.com

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A quick introduction to catching the Angler Fish, Stoplight Loosejaw, Giant Amphipod, and Snailfish.


A bit of personal advice

1. I suggest you have at least hull 2 and extra cargo slots

2. I recommend upgrading your engines to make it easier to get around.

Also.. be gentle. I’ve never created a guide before, so this is my first attempt to help others.

Finding the AnglerFish

1. You’ll need to upgrade your fishing equipment to Bottomless Lines to be able to catch both hadal and Abyssal fish

2. i found my the angler caught between grids C3 and B3 in the late morning. Simple and sweet and nothing more.

Finding the Stoplight LooseJaw

AVERIES The name of the fish in the mission is misleading. You are not looking for a “Stoplight LooseJaw” the regular LooseJaw meets the mission requirements

1. As before i recommend that you have your fishing gear upgraded to the Bottomless Line

2. I found the spawning point on grid D6 during the night. Others have reported seeing them around grid D6 during the night. I believe it may be either D1 or G1. However, i haven’t gone down there to verify or not

3. There’s nothing fancy about this run. Look for red dots under the water as you run to the coordinates. Fish over that and you have your LooseJaw

Finding the Giant Amphipod and Snailfish

1. You’ll need to connect the generator to the device to keep the Kraken at bay while you fish. If you don’t, you will quickly become a complete wreck.

2. You must have your equipment upgraded to the Bottomless Line to be able to catch these fish

3. 3. Wait for the night to fall, then activate the generator by clicking on it. This will block the Kraken from your face.

4. once the ward moves and makes an annoying noise, use your spotting scope to find the fish’s points in the center and pick the two fish you need.


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