RAIDBORN – Guide to Combat and Obtaining Achievements

RAIDBORN – Guide to Combat and Obtaining Achievements 1 -
RAIDBORN – Guide to Combat and Obtaining Achievements 1 -

Welcome to this post This RAIDBORN – Guide to Combat and Obtaining Achievements Guide was written to be helpful to you, and we genuinely hope that you do.

This guide will help you to be a better combative and provide tips for your sweet achievement hunt.


Currently, the game offers 3 types of combat weapons

  • 1-handed swords, shields & shields
  • 2-handed weapons
  • Bows

    The first five levels can be difficult, so having a plan is helpful. The difficulty of your game will be affected by which weapon you choose. It is recommended that your weapon purchase be done as soon as possible. Look for the one that deals the most raw damage.

    You will also include stealth kills against 1 shot opponents in later stages!

    Stealth, also known as crouching, is very forgiving. This allows you to sneak attack your opponents and increase your damage multiplier.


1-Handed sword/axe & shields

( 1-handed shields & weapons )

Knights are skilled at shields and swords with one hand. This playstyle is all about heavy attacks. However, you have the added benefit of having your shield equipped which makes you very powerful. You can block and even parry, but heavy strikes are so reliable that these mechanics are unnecessary.

To get the armour benefits, you don’t even require to block with the Shield!

Same style as 2 handed class, but much faster! Dare I suggest that you do more damage!



For the skill tree, begin with the Defender class’s first node of life regeneration. Next, lock-picking the Rogue class (first two nodes) is required. After that, you will be able to start putting point in the Knight skill trees. Avoid blocking nodes. Instead, replace them with rage. Once you have your rage up to a certain point, you can get the Defender armour and stamina nudes, as well some Knight mastery skill.

2-Handed Sword/Axe


(2-handed weapons). Barbarians excel at using 2-handed guns. This strategy allows you the ability to stagger all enemies in the game. To finish them off, you should use a few powerful attacks followed by a light attack. For example, you could walk around a zone and gather 2-5 monsters. Then, perform a combo like this: heavy attacker > backup > heavy attacked > backup > light attacks (or as many as you want).

No need for blocking, no need not to parry

The difficulty level of the game doesn’t matter.

The barbarian tree has a RAGE-MODE option that is the cherry on top. The Barbarian skill-tree provides Rage mode which makes it invulnerable and immune to damage. This allows you the freedom to explore the content as a true Barbarian.



For the skill tree, you should start with the Defender class’s life regeneration node. Then, follow by the lock-picking of Rogue classes (first 2 Nodes). Then you will be able to start putting Barbarian skill trees points. Avoid the kicking area of the skill-tree. When it looks maxed-out, you can get Defender armor.

Bow & Arrow

(Bow & Arrow)

The bow and arrow are best for those who are bold. The key to maximum damage up-time is not to use the bow alone. I wouldn’t recommend relying on a bow-focused playstyle to start a new playthrough. You might run out, and the bow has only one target. This alone makes it a no-no to put skill point in the bow very early.



For the skill tree, you should start with the Defender class’s initial life regeneration node. Followed by the lock-picking ability of the Rogue (first 2 nosdes). After that you can max the bow nodes or any other path that suits to your playstyle.

Tips and Tricks

You can buy all the lockpicks you want from the wizard potion vender (everytime the shops become updated)

You can sprint backwards, sideways, and sideways.

Heavy attacking will leave enemies stunned.

Heavy attack won’t drain your stamina.

Even when you have zero stamina, light attacks can be kept going.

There is currently not a new game+ available for demon realm.

Keep your Reference Books for as long a time as possible. They provide a flat EXP of 5% so the longer you keep them the more value you will get.

What doesn’t get dazed, doesn’t impale!

Set the FOV to 90 in your settings. This will allow you to see what’s actually happening.


After you defeat the last boss, the game will delete your character. You should make sure that you have all of your achievements before starting it.

Risen Achievement

Fred the Trader, rare Easter egg. He spawns in castle dungeons at a 5% rate and is locked in a secret area with a key.

RAIDBORN - Guide to Combat and Obtaining Achievements - Achievements - 4290A08

RAIDBORN - Guide to Combat and Obtaining Achievements - Achievements - C83ACD7

RAIDBORN - Guide to Combat and Obtaining Achievements - Achievements - 0027E96

RAIDBORN - Guide to Combat and Obtaining Achievements - Achievements - 5663BC4

RAIDBORN - Guide to Combat and Obtaining Achievements - Achievements - A0FE1A3

Evangelist Achievement

RAIDBORN activates a secret key

Press escape, game code, ^

David vs Goliat Achievement

The wooden sword can kill an enemy.

You can kick an enemy while you hold the tutorial sword (the wooden knife).


25 Mystery Cubes.

The cubes need to be in your inventory


To help the bow-class, an arrow bounce/chain or pierce could be added.

Heavy attack (cooldown), animation is required because melee attackers have a long buffer period. It is possible to swain your weapon 2 times if you click twice during a small melee attacks.

Deeper dungeons?

The cooldown time for quests respawns is shorter (I am here waiting 7 minutes between runs)


Markus Failer

Just wanted to take a moment and express my gratitude to you for this amazing game. Your dedication and hardwork have paid off. It shows in every aspect.

Your game has been a pleasant experience. Every moment was enjoyable. Your creativity is truly ingenious, and it’s exciting to see what you come up next!



RAIDBORN – Guide to Combat and Obtaining Achievements is the subject of this guide. Please let us know in the comments if anything is broken or outdated, and we will address it as soon as possible. I hope that today treats you well. The author and creator Bel inspired this post. Also, if you like the post, don’t forget to add this website to your bookmarks; we publish new posts every day with additional material, so be sure to check back with this website frequently for more posts.

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