DREDGE – Obelisk Locations & dialogues

DREDGE – Obelisk Locations & dialogues 5 - steamlists.com
DREDGE – Obelisk Locations & dialogues 5 - steamlists.com

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Locations and dialogues of all eleven Obelisks.


If you’re not familiar with them, obelisks in the game are stone formations which can be interacted. Sometimes difficult to spot, obelisks are boring until you find them in times of panic. Your character will see a vision if he touches obelisks with glowing red markings. But not a video, but text that describes what he is seeing.

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You can visit the visions in-game by using the map.

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Greater Marrow

The town Greater Marrow is burning. The lighthouse collapses, its light out.

Behind a cyclone destroying the world, a red glow fills in the sky.


Blackstone Isle

Dark rocks emerge from the Earth, piercing building and trees. Through sands, waves and crashing ice. Through the basalt columns on this island.

The newborn structures crackle a crimson lightning, an unknown energy.

They move between them. The earth shifted again, and the stone remained still.


Misc Island

A ship tossed in the night by waves. Fog covers the deck in a blanket-like fashion.

The waves are crashing on the land. A distant beacon flashes.


Devil’s Spine

Leviathans are huge, grey creatures stretching their heads to the point where they meet a bright object.

A flame is nestled on top of the ancient Lighthouse.

It watches the flames for a little while, tilting it’s head and calling softly into it with a guttural tune.

The beast appears satisfied as it slinks to the bottom of the water. It glides backward into its depths.


Devil’s Spine


A crimson hole opens up in the void. Dreadful shadows drift by in a procession.

Tentacles, teeth, and other grotesque figures. After the final grotesque figures emerge, an overlying membrane appears.

The fissure. The space beyond groans distantly.


Twisted Strand

A parasite burrows into a large snakelike carcass. It feeds, growing fatter and multiplying. Tendrils are sent out from the body head to sense water.

The host body shudders. It lets out an ear-splitting cry that echoes in the forest.

The sun is rising once again.


Twisted Strand

A man flees, his eyes bloodshot and wide with terror. He runs into a dead

A wooden spear flies through the air. A wooden spear flies

And finds its mark.


Stellar Basin

A spore drifts through the water. Above, a frenzy of fishes devours spores.

Its kin. The spores land in the silty mud of the sea bed. Its root system extends into the sea.

Seabed is growing, extending toward what lies underneath.


Stellar Basin

The aurora borealis is visible in the nighttime sky above the resort. A distant

The sound of a boom shakes up the thatched roofs. It awakens dreamers.

The water withdraws, exposing it to the warm temperature of the air. Confused creatures chatter and

Find their hiding place. Moments later they return, crashing, raging.

The sea is sweeping souls away.


Gale Cliffs

The wind is a blustery one, which screams along the cliffs. It passes through a large area.

All flags suddenly fill the wooden ship. A skinless head appears on the

Fluttering fabric

The crew is filled with terror.


Gale Cliffs

A heart carved from stone, wrapped in a tail that twists. A serpentine corpse uncoils, its teeth rasping.

Its earthen casing. Larger now. Breaking through the cliffs and sending rocks tumbling down into

The water.

This new world is opened to you.


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