DOOM Eternal – The Ultimate Classic Mode Guide

DOOM Eternal – The Ultimate Classic Mode Guide 1 -
DOOM Eternal – The Ultimate Classic Mode Guide 1 -
Like Doom Eternal? Prefer Classic Doom?
Well, this guide will help you!



Alright, let’s jus get to the point. 
You’re gonna need to go to your video settings and change the render mode to “DOOM Classic”. 
Your game will then become gud 
Then, you’re gonna want to remove the glory kill highlight (you won’t need it) 
Remove the crosshair. 
And lastly, enable classic viewmodel placement (or whatever it’s called.) 
If you have deluxe edition, you’re gonna have to turn on the classic sound pack. 
Also, don’t forget about the 35 fps cap. 
Now, let’s move on to the cosmetics. 


For the cosmetics of this run, you’re gonna need the classic DOOMGuy skin. 
You can get it for 2 sentiel batteries in the fortress of doom. 
DOOM Eternal - The Ultimate Classic Mode Guide 
(yes, this image was taken from the doom wiki) 
[ NOTE ] 
You can also use the differently colored 
DoomGuy skins that you get for owning 
the classic dooms and the one we don’t 
talk about. 
Now, for the owners of the Rip and tear pack, use the classic shotgun skin. 
DOOM Eternal - The Ultimate Classic Mode Guide 
[ NOTE ] 
The plasma rifle must have it’s default 
With that out of the way, we can move onto our weapons. 


For this run, we can only use classic doom weapons. 
That’s right, no more balista. 
You also can’t use any upgrades in this run. 
The SSG’s meathook 
counts as an upgrade. 
That’s right, no more swingin’ 
The Chainsaw 
The Shotgun 
The Plasma Rifle 
The Rocket Launcher 
The Super Shotgun 
The Chaingun 
The BFG 9000 
The Unmaykr (doom 64 counts as a classic game) 


Okay, let’s get to the point. 
That’s right, remember dashing? 
Well, forget it. 
In fact, just run. 
Although Doom Eternal is actually a mario game in disguise, you’re not gonna be able to jump or dash in this run (unless it’s necesarry) 
And you might say “Oh, but, but the game will be hard!!!!11” or “How am I supposed to beat maraud man without jumping or dashing!??” 
To that I say, get good 
DOOM Eternal - The Ultimate Classic Mode Guide 


Play on ultra-violence. 
Or nightmare, if you’re that kinda guy. 
Now, time for the thing you’ve been waitin’ for 
That’s right! 
In this run, you’re gonna have to use that for ALL the missions! 
You can use the sentiel crystals, 
or whatever they are called, to extend 
your ammunition capacity. 
You’re gonna need it! 


idk what to write here so just go and do the things 
gib awards 
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Written by HECU Marine

Hope you enjoy the Guide about DOOM Eternal – The Ultimate Classic Mode Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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