DOOM Eternal – Slayer’s Club – Path to Rank 15

DOOM Eternal – Slayer’s Club – Path to Rank 15 1 -
DOOM Eternal – Slayer’s Club – Path to Rank 15 1 -
A list of To-Do’s to get from UAC “Volunteer” (Rank 1) to Doom Slayer (Rank 15) on the Slayer’s Club website to unlock in-game rewards for DOOM: Eternal



DOOM Eternal - Slayer's Club - Path to Rank 15 - Introduction 
The Slayer’s Club is a website designed to work in conjunction with DOOM: Eternal, providing players a hub for news, content and events. It’s been around for quite some time, however people still occasionally ask where to start or how to climb the ranks towards DOOM SLAYER. 
Ask no longer, slayer, for with this guide, you will steadily climb towards earning the coveted 25th Anniversary skin! It will take time and dedication, but if you persevere, you’ll find the journey isn’t too difficult. 

The best time to start was yesterday, the next best is today!

To start, you’ll want to go to the –
DOOM Eternal - Slayer's Club - Path to Rank 15 
Either create an account (this will create a Bethesda account) or sign in with one. Upon doing so, you’ll have to agree to the Terms of Service, and viola! You’ve not only created an account, but you’ve already earned 21 POINTS! (20 for account creation, 1 for log in). 
Next up, you’re going to earn a huge boost to your score! 
DOOM Eternal - Slayer's Club - Path to Rank 15 
No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. That’s 1000 extra points right out the gate! Just make sure you verify your email, otherwise you won’t see a change. 
Take your time to look around the the page, view the page about – Before we explore the rest of the website, we’re going to delve into the Avatar creator page. 
DOOM Eternal - Slayer's Club - Path to Rank 15 
Just do everything on the checklist for an easy 500 points. When ready, proceed to where the bulk of the points can be earned right now. 

Earning Points – Media

This portion has an initial upfront cost of time consumption, and it depends on what browser you use or how good your PC is (highly recommend using a PC over a smartphone) how quickly the pages will load. It’s not difficult, just tedious. 
We’ll start with visiting the – Here you can find videos to watch, screenshots and concept art to look at and wallpapers to download. 
You don’t have to watch the videos, just click on them until the website rewards you with points. At first you’ll see this in the upper right hand corner of the webpage… 
DOOM Eternal - Slayer's Club - Path to Rank 15 
But within a few seconds, you’ll also see this… 
DOOM Eternal - Slayer's Club - Path to Rank 15 
Also, take notice on the video itself, see this at the bottom? 
DOOM Eternal - Slayer's Club - Path to Rank 15 
Go ahead and click one of the icons on the right. You don’t have to share, but you’ll earn an additional 5 points, 15 per day!…but more on that towards the end. In the mean time, just watch all 24 videos and share at least 3 of them, totally out at 120 points for the videos, doubling to 240 when you share them all in entirety. 
View each one until it gives you points for it. They’re only worth 1 points a piece, but points are points, even if it’s only 24. 
Concept Art 
Same as Screenshots, 14 points. 
Click to “download them”, you can if you wish, but the action of pretending to do so will net you 2 points per click, 16 in total for all 8 wallpapers. 
In total, this page will net you 174 points, 294 when you have shared all of the videos (which will take you 8 days). 

Earning Points – Events, News and Giveaways

Head over to the – 
As of April 7th, 2021, there are currently 98 events to view, resulting in 490 points. Each page can be shared, making this events page worth 980 points. Not bad, but it’ll take over a month to earn the additional 490 points. However, before we move on, the events page has one more trick up it’s sleeve. Each event page has an additional 5 points, meaning another 490 points! Click that little bit there, and select whatever you wish, it’ll give you 5 points per page! 
DOOM Eternal - Slayer's Club - Path to Rank 15 
Next, head over to the – to read some articles. Currently, there are 452 articles to read, resulting in 2260 (an additional 2260 can be earned over the course of 150 days). 
Lastly, click this –’s hidden now) for the giveaways page. You’ll earn 5 for viewing the page itself, plus an additional 40 for viewing the other giveaways. 

Earning Points – Miscellaneous

By now we’ve looked at the vast majority of what the website has to offer, and you’ve a grasp on what you’ll have to do. However, before we get into the Daily Routine, let’s cap off a few more things. 
First, there’s Friend Referrals, which can be done 5 times and doesn’t take that long to do it yourself. On your –, you’ll see this… 
DOOM Eternal - Slayer's Club - Path to Rank 15 
But how do we abuse this, you might be wondering. Simple! 

  • Open a Private Window 
  • Use the Friend Referral Link you have copied to open a tab 
  • Open – in another tab 
  • Make an account with the email provided by Temp Email 
  • You do not have to verify the email, just get to the point where you see the profile webpage 
  • Refresh your normal account to see if you have earned friend referral points (20) in the activity feed 
  • Do this 4 more times

That’s an easy 100 points! 
Fan Art 
Not very artistic? Don’t worry, you can submit stick drawings and they’ll accept them. If you want to put a small amount of effort into it, you can cheat by taking screenshots in game, open it in a vector-based program like Inkscape or your preferred art program, and just trace over it, make minor edits and pretend your way to 40 points each month. Your artwork won’t be picked every time, but look at the submissions, the quality varies from people trying their best to others winging it for points. Some of them are just in-game screenshots or pictures of figurines. 
The last few points you can earned are combined into the final section, which you’ll be doing until Rank 15! 

Earning Points – The Daily* Grind

Some of the following you’ll do every single day or once a month. Sometimes you’ll earn points by the admins because of in-game events. All can be accessed from the main –



An additional 20 points can be earned by sharing – Participation is gone, but you can still get the points from the pages. 
Every month, on the homepage, click inside the spotify playlist for 5 points. Lastly, there are events where players are working towards the in-game goal of Kill X with , or just Kill X goals. You can contribute to this, you most likely will just playing DOOM: Eternal, but make sure to log in to get those points. As far as I can tell, you’ll only earn what the community completes. For example, you’ll only earn 300 from the event below, not 650. 
DOOM Eternal - Slayer's Club - Path to Rank 15 

Final Tally and Conclusion


So how many points can you earn starting today?

5110 Points! 

  • 2260 – Viewing every article 
  • 1000 – Email Opt-In Verification 
  • 980 – Events viewed and calendar’d 
  • 500 – Avatar Stuff 
  • 120 – Videos 
  • 100 – Friend Referral 
  • 45 – Giveaways 
  • 38 – Screenshots and Concept Art 
  • 21 – Account Creation and Log in 
  • 16 – Wallpapers 
  • 15 – Daily Sharing 
  • 15 – Visit Forums, Discord and view playlist


How much will I earn every day on average?

31 Points! 

  • 15 – Visit Forums, Discord and view playlist 
  • 15 – Daily Share 
  • 1 – Log In

Each month you can get an additional 5 points from the spotify playlist and potentially 40 from the art contests! 



It’s a long road, so how much closer are we now? Rank 15 – DOOM SLAYER is earned at 13,000 points, which means you’re already over a third of the way there! Ignoring the contest and events that give points roughly every month to three months, how long will it take to get there now with daily log-ins only (as of April 7th, 2021)? 
25. and a half days. 
A bit daunting, but you also have to remember that the events can give upwards to 300 points at times, and not only that, new event pages come out (10 points there), new articles (5 points without sharing), which will reduce the overall time necessary to achieve your goal steadily. 
Keep at it, and you’ll get there in no time! Just look at what you’ve already achieved! 
DOOM Eternal - Slayer's Club - Path to Rank 15 

Written by Dirk Dynamo

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about DOOM Eternal – Slayer’s Club – Path to Rank 15; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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