Dead by Daylight – New Killer Idea for New DLC – The Howler

Dead by Daylight – New Killer Idea for New DLC – The Howler 1 -
Dead by Daylight – New Killer Idea for New DLC – The Howler 1 -
Greetings everyone. After quite some time I decided to make another original killer idea, or to be more precised, to rework an idea I had a few years ago to work. In the upcoming guide you will find a backstory, a unique ability and three perks fitting the new killer. Later on I will maybe add a survivor as well, but for now I hope you have a great day and enjoy meeting the Howler.


The Howler (Backstory)

Mike Hutch was born 1830 and raised in the south of the USA into a middle class family. His parents were simple farmers and made him work on the fields as soon as he was able to stand on his own feet. The hard work was never a problem and soon Mike didnt feel his bleeding hands or his sore feet anymore. But the older the boy grew, the more he thought about a life outside of the farm and what it would be like if he would look for something he was even better at than simple farm duties. 
His wishes were more or less heard one day, when a slave escaped from a cotton plantage a few miles away. The young boy found him in their shack, seeking shelter and hiding from the approaching slave hunters. With a single look into the young boys eyes, the escaped slave could see a cold and dead soul, which locked him up and called the hunters to them. Thanking him for his help, the leader of the group, Fletcher Tomes, offered to teach Mike how to hunt slaves, but he had to be a bit older for that. 
Many years later, a 21 year old Mike ran off into the city one night to find the old slave hunter who promised to teach him when he was older. Thankfully enough he found him in the nearest saloon, drinking his wealth away after another successful hunt. He needed a bit to remember, but eventually gave in to the demanding boys will and took him with his group. Over the years, Fletcher taught Mike everything he knew and more. From how to think like a slave on the run to look at his surroundings and how the group of slave hunters has to move like a pack of wolves. Maybe Mike took the last part too serious, since he bought a dog to accompany them on the hunt. Fletcher wasnt really happy about it, but after the dog proved to be quite useful, even the old leader grew fond of it. Soon enough, Mike was known and feared across the united states as a slave hunter, who not only uses a whistle to send his faithful dog after slaves, but who also uses a harpoon to hunt them down and keep them alive as long and painful as possible. 
Their luck turned however, when they came too close to a frontline during the civil war when they were on the hunt. Shot down by both sides who thought they were mercenaries of the opposite side, it didnt take long until Mike and his dog were the only ones left. With the slave in his line of sight, he blew his whistle and chased after him with his dog, almost close to catch him, before being stopped by union soldiers, who took him as prisoners and brought him and the slave to the nearest town. 
The process was quickly over as the slave explained who Mike Hutch was and that a brutal monster is stand in court right in front of the town. They wanted to see blood, but the slave demanded a far more cruel punishment. Both Mike and his dog were send into a cave, which was unexplored and declared to be an endless maze many years before. His dog followed him for a while, but at one point he couldnt hear it anymore, only sobbing as he realized that he was alone. Wandering around in the dark tunnels for minutes, hours, hell maybe even days, he could suddenly hear a whisper in the dark. Following it, a dim light shines into his eyes and when he stepped through it, Mike noticed that he was in a forest, with weird boxes scattered around and…people… Seeing his trusty harpoon laying in the grass just to be picked up and his old whistle around his neck, Mikes next move was as the moves many times before. He pointed at the people with his harpoon, blew his whistle and a howl starts the hunt… 

Howler ability and stats

Size: tall 
Terror radius: 32m 
Speed: 110% 
Mori: Spearing his harpoon into the downed survivor, the Howler blows his whistle which makes multiple ghost dogs appear who bite into the survivor, playing a short tug of war, before the Howler lets the body go. 
Dog Whistle 
The Howler hunts in a pack and with a single sound of his whistle, the pack comes to find and chase his prey. 
The Howlers unique ability, is his Dog Whistle. 
The Dog Whistle has a cooldown of 15 seconds and will call forth a ghost dog. 
Ghost dog stats 

  • Size: very small (taller than Viktor) 
  • Terror radius: 10m 
  • The ghost dogs have a wide red cone in front of them in which they detect survivors 
  • Dogs can be destroyed by dropping pallets on them or flashing your flashlight on them(or flashbang) 
  • Dogs cant vault over windows or pallets but will stop in front of them for 3 seconds before vanishing with a howl 
  • Same counts for lockers 
  • When the Howler is in the terror radius of a ghost dog, his movement speed is buffed by 10% and his terror radius grows by 15m

While aiming at a generator or having a puddle of blood in front of him, you can press [M2] to activate his ability. 
Using it while pointing at a generator 

  • Will cause a loud whistle noise over the entire map 
  • Will send a ghost dog charging towards the generator 
  • The dog while make a notification sound when he finds a survivor on the generator 
  • The dog will also make a notification sound when he finds a survivor while running towards the gen 
  • The dog will stop as soon as he finds a survivor 
  • If the dog doesnt find a survivor, a small whimper can be heard and it vanishes

Using it while having a puddle of blood in front of him 

  • Will start a short animation in which the Howler picks up the blood 
  • Will cause a loud dog howl over the entire map 
  • The Dog will run after the survivor who left the blood trail 
  • When the survivor is in the ghost dogs terror radius, killer instinct will be activated 
  • When the survivor is healed, the dog will stop at the location they healed, whimpering before vanishing 
  • The ghost dog will hunt the survivor for 20 seconds before disappearing 
  • The time limit of the hunting dog will be stopped as long as a survivor is in its terror radius


The Howler`s unique Perks

Nowhere to run 
Years of hunting trained you to be the ultimate killer, giving your prey no chance to escape. 
Survivors in your terror radius open the exit gates 6/9/12% slower and you can see the hatch from 10/20/30m away. 
Outerworldly pressure 
Before, you had all the time to bring in the prey, but here, there is something making you work harder and quicker to sacrifice them, one by one. 
You get obsessed with one survivor. 
Whenever you chase the obsession, Blood Lust will trigger 2/4/6 seconds earlier over all stages. 
Whenever you carry your obsession, your terror radius is increased by 10m and you move 5/10/15% faster. 
When your obsession is sacrificed, a new obsession will be picked randomly. 
Sometimes when you need to find someone, you have to give someone else hell. 
You get obsessed with one survivor. 
Whenever you would hit a survivor into the dying state who isnt the obsession, they will instead receive deep wounds and the obsession is revealed to you for 3/5/8 seconds. 
This perk has a cooldown of 35 seconds 

By Use more Guns

This is all about Dead by Daylight – New Killer Idea for New DLC – The Howler; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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