Dead by Daylight – Chapter Idea New Killer and New Survivor

Dead by Daylight – Chapter Idea New Killer and New Survivor 1 -
Dead by Daylight – Chapter Idea New Killer and New Survivor 1 -

An original chapter idea. Introducing a new killer, two survivors and a map.

Title Card:

Dead by Daylight - Chapter Idea New Killer and New Survivor - Title Card: - 89AF871

New Killer:

Dead by Daylight - Chapter Idea New Killer and New Survivor - New Killer: - CB35DD2

Killer:The Scientist

Name: Armin Amodus


Gender: Male

Hair color:Gray

Eye color: Green

Power: Toxic concoction

Weapon: Scissor for melee

Speed: 115%

Terror radius:32 m.


Picture is just for reference.


Armin Amodus had been the top story of all news stations for weeks. A scientist with a very controversial opinion. Believing that more extreme measures should be taken for the benefits of the future. That human bodies could be used for more. Like fuel, energy resources, living machinery, disease testing and stronger DNA. Even if it involved death or torture for some. Amodus was quickly fired for expressing these opinions, and for the evidence showcasing his unorthodox experiments on animals and cadavers, but that did not stop Amodus.

Over time more and more missing people came about in the papers, and Amodus disappearance was quickly noted as a connection to the case. The police were hunting left and right for Amodus. Dead bodies were found around the city. All in horrific conditions, but no trace to go on. News reports were booming left and right, even internationally about the gruesome scientist, but Amodus did not care for that. He was certain once his great experiments were done and proven fruitful, that he would be praised sooner or later when he eventually came out of hiding. That people were simply too dumbfounded to understand his higher intelligence as of now.

When the day came upon Amodus, and he arrived in the fog. He thought to himself that finally a higher being had understood his work. That this was a sign from above. He quickly went to work. Brewing his concoctions and went ahead ready at hand to terrorize every survivor once and for all. For the greater good.

Killer Power:

Power:Toxic concoction.

The scientist comes with the ability to form green gas orbs that bounce against walls and obstacles like a ping pong using his chemical weapon. Toxifying survivors until it eventually damages them (similarly to trickster).

Dead by Daylight - Chapter Idea New Killer and New Survivor - Killer Power: - 10F89D8

Secondary ability:

The scientist’s second ability comes in the form of yellow speed increasing orbs. These orbs will increase the killer’s movement speed by 15% extra when standing near the flying orb.

Dead by Daylight - Chapter Idea New Killer and New Survivor - Killer Power: - D460B8F

You refill your power via lockers.

(The orbs can not fly upwards or downwards to prevent them flying out of control. They always hover at the same height and are slower than usual ranged attacks from killers. However, they can navigate stairs and uneven terrain. It just always stays the same height over the floor. The orbs are a little unpredictable, and since they bounce in only one height, there’s a few ways you can play off using this. This power is admittedly really strong in small rooms where the orb can bounce back and forth fast, but there’ll also be often times where the orb goes in a random direction. Needs to be charged up.)

Note:Admittedly this killer is basically just a clown and trickster combined, with a few twists, but I think it can work.


Mori: Injects the poisonous gas into the survivor, until their eyes and mouth fume with green glowy gas. Their veins turn green, till they erupt from the inside. Dying a painful death as the toxic mixture melts their innards.

Killer Perks:

1. Hex: Toxic cloud:

Not all can appreciate the sweet pungent fumes of yours.

-2 hex totems will create a toxic cloud within a 15/20/25 meter area.

A meter will fill up for survivors, and once filled will injure those inside.

(Cant down survivors. Only injure and make them cough.

Removing the totem will require the survivor to lose a health state, unless they’re very fast, to the point it will be just barely possible. This toxin does not affect any killer power.)

2. Visions from the void:

-Opening a locker will give you the killer instinct of a randomly selected survivor for 3/6/9 seconds. Goes on a 1 minute cooldown.

3. Sinister touch:

-After hooking all survivors at least once. They’ll receive the exposed status effect for 40s, and the aura of the obsession will be revealed to you for 0/4/8 seconds.

New Survivor 1:

Dead by Daylight - Chapter Idea New Killer and New Survivor - New Survivor 1: - 43FD69E

Name: Chrissy Miller

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye color:Hazel

Occupation: Reporter

Origin: USA

Picture is just for reference:


Chrissy had been doing an excellent job as a reporter. Always bringing the best news to the table and making top headlines. Her boss had been getting higher and higher expectations for her, so when news reports were at an all time low, Chrissy felt a bigger story was needed to keep her reputation intact.

Chrissy knew nothing would bring more media attention than to gather news on the infamous Scientist right now. She wasted no time, and had paid an informant numerous amounts of cash to gather news for her, but when Chrissy received no call backs, she started to believe the information gatherer must’ve ran off with the money. So much for paying up front.

Chrissy was getting desperate, and took the investigation into her own hands. She quickly realized all the found bodies had one thing in common. They were all found near drainage and sewage pipes.

Wasting no more time. Chrissy went down a manhole in the middle of where all the bodies seemed to connect. The stench was horrible, but she knew the reward was worth the effort. Solving this case alone, would be certain to set her at the top of her career. As she went further into the sewer, something looked off. The sewage systems became more and more techy. Cables running along the wall. Lights, pipes and panels looking out of place. Chrissy knew right away that this must be it, as she continued silently to sneak further into the lair.

Numerous thoughts went into Chrissy’s mind. She knew it would’ve been best to call the cops. There were no doubts in her mind that this was the place, but she also knew if she called the cops now, she wouldn’t get an opportunity to get some insider pictures of the lair. She would just get in. Get a few quick snaps and get out. Simple, right?

As Chrissy got further into the sewer, she noticed the sewer water got darker and darker. A red shade. It was blood. Chrissy covered her nose. Holding her breath, from the awful smell of flesh and blood coming from the murky water. The further in she got, the worse it became. Chrissy was shaking with each step. Regretting more and more the predicament she had put herself in.

She took a bunch of pictures around the area, and made her way around a corner. Her eyes shook up in terror as she gasped loudly. Quickly covering her mouth again, as she saw the informant she had paid, strapped into a chair. Gagged by a piece of tape and a bunch of needles surrounding her, as if they were about to pierce her any second. The informant struggled in her bindings at the sight of Chrissy. Mumbling for help. Chrissy quickly undoed her bindings, as they heard tools and objects falling over the floor from further away inside the lair. Some loud and quick footsteps were coming closer. The two split up into seperate corridors, and Chrissy ran as fast as she could. Ripping her clothing and cutting herself on pieces of sharp tools laying about the place. She kept running till she eventually faced a dead end. She hid behind a cabinet, and covered mouth. Holding her breath. Shaking in fear as the loud footsteps came closer. She closed her eyes, praying in her head. When she opened her eyes once more, she realized she was no longer in the secret lab, but a dark foggy forest.

Survivor Perks 1:

Dead by Daylight - Chapter Idea New Killer and New Survivor - Survivor Perks 1: - 0B735F2

(An example of how it could potentially look ingame)

1. Ready to go live:

‘’Always one step ahead of the competition’’ – Chrissy

-Whenever you engage in a chase, gain 1 of up to 4 tokens.

By the press of the special ability button you’ll form a still (none moving) silhouette of your aura and reveal any nearby totems and generators within 15 meters, for all your fellow survivors to see for up to 5/10/15 seconds. You can max get 4 tokens per match

(Basically just reveal whatever is around you currently for a few seconds for the rest of your team to see and gather knowledge from)

2. Tripwire:

-After cleansing a totem, the perk activates. The next window you fast vault will attach a small bell wire. Any killer vaulting the window will have their aura revealed to every survivor for 4/7/10 seconds. The tripwire will disappear after it is triggered.

3. Heightened senses:

You’ve gotten accustomed to hearing where the next scope is, and will put everything on the line for it.

The killers terror radius is increased to you by 2/4/6 meters extra. Allowing you to react a little faster.

New Survivor 2:

Dead by Daylight - Chapter Idea New Killer and New Survivor - New Survivor 2: - FFFE3A6

Dead by Daylight - Chapter Idea New Killer and New Survivor - New Survivor 2: - A8EBB8D

Name: Valeria Gomez

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Black

Eye color: Dark Brown

Occupation: Information Thief.

Origin: Spain

Picture is just for reference:


Valeria had expertise in a lot of stuff. She had been a bodyguard, worked in the military and even as an agent for some time, but Valeria was never fond of having a boss or working on others premises. Instead, she preferred to be her own boss, and do stuff her way. Utilizing uncertified tools and tactics that others would otherwise be hesitant to use.

So when she received a high offer for the information of the scientist, she didn’t think too much of it. She had stopped plenty of bad guys, and gathering information on them was easy. Due to her previous jobs, she also planned to help the police getting the guy arrested while at it.

Valeria took to Armin Amodus house, to investigate for clues. She snuck through a window and quickly got to work. As she searched through the office, she noticed some strange scratch marks at one of the bookshelves. She took out book by book, till she eventually found a keypad. Using her heat signature tool, she saw the numbers 4 5 8 9 had been recently typed in. Trying a number of combinations using these numbers, the bookshelf eventually moved, revealing a safe that clicked and opened. A mist of cold smoke rushed out, and inside she saw a weird vial with a green concoction. She picked it up and stared at it for a while. Unsure of what she was even looking at. Suddenly, she heard some rustling of some keys outside. Someone was coming. She quickly put everything back into place, and hid under the desk.

A strange beefy guy came in, but it wasn’t her target. The guy typed in the combination and grabbed the vial. Rushing out again. She decided to follow him. The man led her to an old rundown sewage facility that seemingly had been abandoned long ago. This must be it. She snuck up behind the guy and used a hidden tranquilizer on his neck, and made her way down stairs. Room by room she grabbed anything she deemed worthy for the reporter. Further down the hallway she heard screams. Valeria was a little intimidated by this, but she wasn’t gonna let it get to her. She opened up a vent and climbed through it, making her way above the room from which the screams came from.

Looking through the ventilation hatch, she saw Armin Amodus. He was towering over a man. Piercing more and more needles into the poor guy. Each flowing a green substance into his veins. Similar to that of which she found in the vial. The man screamed in agony, as his veins turned green. His skin was smoking and bubbling. Popping like pimples filled with blood and green pus. The man was shaking and struggling in agony. Screaming his lungs out, till it eventually came to a halt, and all became silent. He was dead.

Valeria’s heart was pumping faster and faster. This was nothing like she had seen before. Suddenly the ventilation system started crackling, and fell apart. Valeria landed right behind Amodus, who quickly grabbed after a strange weapon by his side. Valeria got onto her feet and started sprinting out. Clicking a red alert button on her belt that would signal cops to her location.

She made her way through the corridors, when suddenly a wall closed down the path in front of her. Amodus appeared behind her with an evil grin. Valeria quickly went for her weapon, but Amodus was two steps ahead of her. He had equipped a mask and turned a lever. A gas was slowly filling the room, making Valeria cough and her vision blurry. She started shooting at the figure in front of her, but missed each shot till she eventually succumbed.

When she woke up, she found herself strapped into the lab chair, similar to where the man had been. She tried to yell, but her mouth was duct taped shut. Struggling persistently to no avail. Her gadgets had been taken away from her. She suddenly heard footsteps coming from the corner. Her heart started pumping and her mind was quickly filled with scary thoughts of what to come, but instead of the scientist coming for her, it was the reporter that had paid her. Valeria let out a sigh of relief, as the reporter undid her bindings and they both ran. Splitting into different paths. As valeria ran all she could, the room suddenly filled with a dark fog. She held her breath, fearing it was the same gas as before, but when she made it through the fog, she quickly realized she was no longer in the lab She had found herself in, but now a strange creepy forest in the middle of nowhere.

Dead by Daylight - Chapter Idea New Killer and New Survivor - New Survivor 2: - 22A208C

Survivor Perks 2:

Dead by Daylight - Chapter Idea New Killer and New Survivor - Survivor Perks 2: - 72ED9B5

(Example of how it could potentially look ingame)

1. Grappling hook:

‘’Sometimes a handy gadget is all you need’’ – Valeria

-Once you complete a generator, simply go to a locker and you will be given the prompt to craft the grappling hook.

With the grappling hook, you may use it once to pull down a pallet from 5/7/10 meters away. Can be used for pallet saves or to stun the killer from further away.

Must be in direct line of sight. Only comes with one shot per grappling hook. Missed shots or bodyblocks of the grappling hook, will still count it as used.

2. Thermal vision:

-After cleansing a totem, your eye clarity gets enhanced, similar to thermal vision. For the next 40/45/50 seconds, all the fresh killer’s footsteps will leave a glowing footprint, wherever they have walked for you to follow or avoid all over the map.

3. Gear spy:

-Working on any generator for more than 45/30/25 seconds will power up your radio gadget. While on a generator, you can attune your hearing to any other generator, to hear its surroundings within a 15m proximity for 10 seconds.

Dead by Daylight - Chapter Idea New Killer and New Survivor - Survivor Perks 2: - F02BC0E

New Map:

The Secret Sewer Laboratory:

The old lab, where Armin performed his questionable experiments.

Dead by Daylight - Chapter Idea New Killer and New Survivor - New Map: - BF81E03

Dead by Daylight - Chapter Idea New Killer and New Survivor - New Map: - CD41717

Dead by Daylight - Chapter Idea New Killer and New Survivor - New Map: - 1D50A8B

Dead by Daylight - Chapter Idea New Killer and New Survivor - New Map: - F40DA95

(Honestly, I couldn’t think of anything special for a map, but so many people seem to be missing hawkins, so maybe this could be the new replacement.)

Closing Notes:

This one got a bit too long and text heavy, but I hope it’s okay. I decided to make all characters connected. Which I thought kinda made for a pretty decent story, although admittedly a tad cliché. So I placed a bunch of pictures for those who aren’t very interested in text stuff.

If there’s anything I’d change, it would probably be the killer power. It’s a little bit on the plain side of things. Being simple and not complex, but I think there’s still fun to be had with the bouncing effects, and could possibly make for some crazy plays, once people know how to utilize the bouncing in the right ways. I didn’t go fully in depth with speed and hit zones, for the simple reason that it always creates arguments. People will always have different opinions on these things, so I rather just not include the nitty bitty details.

Special thanks to all the artists. Please check them out. – [] – [] – [] – [] – []

DarkCrystal – []

None of the artwork in this guide is official or owned by me. They are all just for reference.

and extra thanks to any who helped make this. Always appreciated.


Balance and tweaks may be needed. Let’s talk about it. This is just a dream chapter. Likely to never happen anyway, but we can still try to imagine and construct our wishes. Who knows, maybe one day it will be realized. Let me know your dream chapters in the comments. I’m planning to make one with a male survivor next. If you happen to have any lore knowledge of Dead Space, Evil Within or any other interesting license with a male character you’d like to see. Don’t hesitate to message me. Maybe we can figure something out. Has to be somewhat within the horror genre.

Written by Jinx

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Dead by Daylight – Chapter Idea New Killer and New Survivor, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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