ULTRAKILL – Prelude Enemies Detailed Guide

ULTRAKILL – Prelude Enemies Detailed Guide 1 - steamlists.com
ULTRAKILL – Prelude Enemies Detailed Guide 1 - steamlists.com

Welcome to ULTRAKILL – Prelude Enemies Detailed Guide.

This informative guide will show you all the enemy’s characteristics in the game. This guild is dedicated to ultra-filling Prelude enemies. This will be a series. Have fun.

Vertical Goomba (The Filth).

This strange-looking condom with legs looks weak af. It is a real goomba because it is so full of goo that you have to cover your entire body to beat up other men (Blood). It is bullet-resistant, just like your regular infant.

5/10, I would walk with him and talk about my life, but not much else.

My Uncle Larry (The Stray).

This sexy man is exactly like my uncle. He throws his balls in my face and is always far from me since he is a registered sexual offender. I don’t know what s*x is, but how did my uncle Larry offend me?

Uncle Larry is strong and punched me in the face once. He started dancing after being zapped by the police. After that, Mommy and Daddy started to cry. But uncle Larry gave me a fun lollipop!

0/10 Mommy claimed that I couldn’t see Uncle Larry anymore, but I see him outside my bedroom every night, so she’s a liar.

Dementia (Schism).

I think I have dementia because I can’t even remember the name of this guy and can’t remember the faces and names of people I meet. I have dementia because I can’t even remember that this guy exists, and I can’t remember their names and faces! I have dementia because I can’t even remember that this guy exists and because I can’t remember the names and faces of people I meet.

?/10 I don’t even know my name.

Irl Eastern Island head (Malicious Face).

This man for real said “Vineboom”

10/10 *Vineboom*


Demoman+Demoknight Tf2 (SwordMaster)

The Demoman, a self-described black Scottish Cyclops and a skilled demolitions expert from Ullapool in Scotland, is one of the most versatile members on the team. The Demoman is a master of explosives and deals enormous amounts of indirect and midrange splash damage.

Demoman is also a bad character because he can do random crits good and bad. You random crits

8/10 It’s Demoman TF2, but I had 2 points to remove because of random crits

Lebron James (Cerberus)

Lebron James has returned from Space Jam 2 to play over your back. He is tough and makes me work hard. I wish Lebron James would come to my school and beat Kyle. Screw you Kyle you stole my crayons. Your mother doesn’t like that. Kyle, you are a poopyhead.

11/10 I like Big Black Men

If this guild is on the top of the guilds list, I will create a g*y steamy guild about V1, Mirage and V2, MAURICE, Mindflaryer and Gaberial. If this guild is on the front page and I don’t do it often, I will legally donate my ball bag to Ukraine.


Written by Mr Pissman

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about ULTRAKILL – Prelude Enemies Detailed Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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