ULTRAKILL – Weapon Damage Info for Nailgun

ULTRAKILL – Weapon Damage Info for Nailgun 1 - steamlists.com
ULTRAKILL – Weapon Damage Info for Nailgun 1 - steamlists.com

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The Nailgun is a consistent damage dealer with a variety of uses. This guide covers how magnets work and the damage you should expect from these weapons.


“How do they work?”
I’d like to get this mess out of the way first.
Why does magnetic attraction just stop working? Magnetic attraction only works when a nail-filled enemy is damaged or in the air. Meaning a nail-filled enemy on the ground wont be pulled by a magnet unless shot or knocked into the air.
What can you do with magnets? You can glue enemies to ceilings, keep them in a nail vortex, set traps for them, increase your range, increase your accuracy, store nails, boost style, and make a stalker’s sand explosion smaller. A lot.
The Magnet Itself
You get three magnets that attract nails. They hold 100 nails each and can be destroyed by ground-slamming, hitscan, and their timed self-destruct. A new magnet is created instantly after an old one explodes. They also can limit a stalkers blast radius. Placing one down near you denies V2’s nail barrages and turns them into your nails.
Traps give the ATTRAPTOR(+70), BIPOLAR(+120), and NAILBOMBED style bonuses. They can be used to take massive damage off incoming bosses. Traps can be moved short distances to enemies by firing a magnet through the magnetic range of the trap.
Magnets are mainly used for getting maximum damage and for keeping distance. A magnet should always be out so you don’t waste any nails.
Advanced Tech
Magnets can also glue a nail-filled enemy to a wall or ceiling to keep him in the airborne and useless. This currently isn’t too useful, save for stalkers, streetcleaners(if you can hit them) and schisms, but looks promising on the new sentries.
Stalkers have a magnetic weakness meaning you can fill one with nails, put him in the air, and make him ride your rod ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
Schism-flying is a sacred technique involving two schisms, two magnets and some nails.
You can achieve the CATAPULTED(+120) style bonus by getting a nail-filled enemy in the air and shooting a magnet down to shatter their legs.


I’ll make this quick.
Shreds strays and filth, I believe it also does more to husks in general
Consistent damage, good for not wasting a duel-wield
A Malicious Face goes down in about 50 nails, a Virtue in 40
Shooting nail-filled enemies with the Railcannon will explode the nails and give the CONDUCTOR(19-114) style bonus
Does nothing to drones
Not too efficient for killing schisms, but what is
Not the weapon for healing
Encourages using the ammo then switching to another weapon.
You can fire for 4 seconds
It takes 30~ seconds to refill from 0
Lets cover the primary fire first:
Overheating causes it to do less damage but fire more alt-fire nails
It takes 2 seconds to overheat which can be done with the default Nailgun making its primary fire useless(still can shred filth)
Basically it’s just another Nailgun altfire:
It fires 54~ burning nails in 1 second
Does even more damage to Malicious Faces (killing in one charge and a Virtue in less)
Encourages using the charges and switching to another weapon
It takes 8 seconds to get back a charge firing the overheat will interrupt this process. Firing the Nailgun will not interrupt but gives a visual bug over to the Overheat that corrects itself after you stop firing.
Heres the Ultrakill Wiki’s damage spreadsheet(doesnt have much on the nailgun)
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15rW4hQ5uN8lQajn0VWnZy2xVw2u1mLoIenR_WSmB7zY/edit#gid=58578644 – [google.com] 

Best Gun

if you dont count the core eject or marksman
i wanted to do this guide because the wiki doesnt have much on magnets

Hope you enjoy the Guide about ULTRAKILL – Weapon Damage Info for Nailgun, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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