ULTRAKILL – How to get Perfect Rank on the Secret P-1 Level

ULTRAKILL – How to get Perfect Rank on the Secret P-1 Level 1 - steamlists.com
ULTRAKILL – How to get Perfect Rank on the Secret P-1 Level 1 - steamlists.com
This is a guide for getting a Perfect Rank on the secret P-1 level. This covers the entirety of the level and includes spoilers. While this can be used as a guide for simply beating the level, the focus is on perfection. This guide is also based on the level as it functions on Violent Difficulty.



This is a guide for getting a Perfect Rank on the secret P-1 level. This covers the entirety of the level and includes spoilers. While this can be used as a guide for simply beating the level, the focus is on perfection. This guide is also based on the level as it functions on Violent Difficulty. 




First things first, know what weapons you’ll need to best deal damage in this level. My personal recommendations are the Alt Piercer with the Normal Marksman, both Shotgun variants, the Electric and Screwdriver Railguns, and the Feedbacker Arm. You can of course bring the rest of the weapons/variants, but I only really needed/used the ones listed. 

Entering the Level

When first stepping out of the starting room, you will be presented with a candle, a pitchblack void, and the Spinal Staircase. Were you to take the staircase normally, it would take quite a while to reach the bottom, much too long for our P-Rank. The S-Rank time expires at 3:33, and we need every precious second. So, we need to take a leap of faith. After grabbing the candle, perform a long jump at about this section of the platform. 
ULTRAKILL - How to get Perfect Rank on the Secret P-1 Level 
While falling, turn around and begin looking around for the second loop of the staircase of the staircase, it’ll be around the area you’ve jumped toward. Once you spot it, try and follow it until you spot the part that extends downward like a slide. You’ll want to land somewhere on this section or follow it if you’re still high enough up and quickly enter the mouth door and perform a slam to hit the floor beyond it. Then dash or long jump toward the pedestal you’ll be placing the candle on to open the arena door. It should take around 10-15 seconds to get to this point depending on how accurate you can be. If you mess up the jump and get respawned at the top, you’ll need to restart the level to gain your time back. 

Handling Flesh Prison


The Basics of Flesh Prison

Defeating Flesh Prison quickly is the name of the game. You’ll be wanting to kill this ugly piece of geometry as fast as you can. There are several important windows of time in which you can do some important damage against this boss. The first is when you immediately enter the arena. I like to start off with a Piercer charge, then the Railgun, and then Shotgun Canceling. This can do a decent chunk of damage before the first “Wave” beings. Waves, as they are referred to in this guide, begin when a wave of summons consisting of Eyeballs and Mini-Malicious Faces appear, and end when the next summons appear. Depending on how much health Flesh Prison has, there will be more summons than usual. 

Handling a Wave

Once a Wave begins, you’ll want to switch to your Marksman. You’ll be focusing on killing the Eyeballs and Minis. Either use your coins and try to get split-shots to kill multiple summons in one shot, or just start shooting them normally. Eyeballs take 1 hit, and the Minis take 2 unless hit by a Coin ricochet shot. I highly recommend killing the Minis as quick as you can both due to how they can quickly ruin a run, and for a reason we will get to in just a bit. You’ll be wanting to kill all but 1 of the summons. The reason for this is because of how Flesh Prison heals. Once it takes enough damage, it will attempt to heal using the summons currently alive. The more summons that are alive, the more health it will gain if it completes it’s healing. If Flesh Prison manages to heal off of 2 Eyeballs, or if it heals off a single Mini, you might as well restart the level. Of note is that the Minis will give Flesh Prison more health then the Eyeballs, which is why I recommend going for the Minis first. 
Now, the reason we leave just one of the summons alive is because Flesh Prison will try and heal very quickly in the next wave if it doesn’t manage to try to in the previous wave. Since it heals so early into the next wave, it will most likely still have a large amount of summons still on the field when it begins, which can kill your run. By leaving this last summon alive, we can minimize incoming attacks and delay the healing time. Once all but one summon are dead, you can switch off the Marksman and onto other, more powerful weapons. Shotgun Canceling is one of the best ways to deal damage quickly, though it can be quite tricky to pull off in the heat of the battle. Don’t forget to fire your Railgun as well during this period as well, since we don’t want to do too much damage early on in the next wave, and we don’t want to waste the shot while Flesh Prison tries to heal. Once the Flesh Prison tries to heal, take out the last summon before the healing process finishes. While Flesh Prison tries to heal, it will take much less damage from incoming attacks until it begins summoning enemies again. It is damn near pointless to attack it during this period, but if you are low on health at this point, you can hit it with the Screwdriver Railgun or Shotgun Cancel point-blank in order to cause it to bleed, allowing you to heal. Once more summons appear, switchback to the Marksman and repeat the process. It’s important to do as little damage as possible to Flesh Prison before you’ve picked off enough summons, or it will try to heal earlier than you’d like, and potentially even get health back. 

Flesh Prison’s Attacks

Flesh Prison has 3 attacks it can perform, 2 of which I will only be touching on briefly. The first of these 2 is the Cursed Dark Orb. This orb functions the same way it does in the Minos Corpse fight, in which it will deal 10 normal damage and 99 Hard Damage (Hard Damage limits your maximum health for a short period of time). The 2nd attack is one I call Pillars of Light. This attack involves a large white glyph appearing around the player, indicating where the actual attack will occur. After a couple of seconds a large pillar of light will appear where the glyph was, which deals 30 damage and does a little bit of hard damage if the player is hit by it. The pillar will linger for a short while before dissipating, during which they can still damage the player. Once one pillar appears, a new glyph will appear under the player. The amount of glyphs that will appear in a row vary from 3 to 4. Both of these attacks can be avoided with careful dodging and long jumps. 
Possibly the most important period of time to deal damage is when the Flesh Prison uses its 3rd attack, one I call Carousel. During Carousel, Flesh Prison will begin rotating and firing out countless blue homing projectiles. These projectiles present a high risk, high reward situation. If you can land a parry with your Feedbacker, and manage to hit Flesh Prison with the returning projectile, you can do a lot of damage. This of course comes at the risk of being hit and possibly killed when trying to land the parry, but it’s very much worth it for the damage, and you will heal your health to maximum if you parry. You’ll be wanting to land as many parries as possible during Carousel. It’s possible to do several parries with proper timing, and if these all manage to land, you’ll deal a devastating amount of damage in a short period of time. This can knock Flesh Prison’s health down to more than half in a single Carousel if you’re lucky, and is the most vital part of the whole fight when it comes to killing it quickly. If you’re real lucky, a shot from the Minis may cause the projectiles to be blasted back toward Flesh Prison, which can deal a monstrous amount of damage, especially if combined with your own parries. Unfortunately is quite uncommon, and does require Minis to be on the field, so it’s not recommended. 

Finishing Flesh Prison Off

If you feel that Flesh Prison is close enough to death, you can forgo killing the summons and focus on damaging it. Shotgun Canceling, Projectile Boosting and Railguning are your best ways of dealing the damage you’ll need to quickly kill it before it tries to heal. If you play smart, and don’t get greedy, you can kill Flesh Prison in under a minute thirty (1:30). You’ll need this time during the next boss, Minos Prime. 

Handling Minos Prime

Minos is, in my opinion, slightly easier to defeat than Flesh Prison. But only because you can focus all your attention on him. With Minos, the most important thing is knowing his tells. He will telegraph most of his attacks just before he begins them through either his voice lines or a small blue shine appearing on him with a whining noise accompanying it. Knowing what attack he is about to do based on his tells, and reacting to them properly is imperative to defeating him. 
Before the battle begins, you’ll want to adjust your weapon variants, as you will not be wanting to switch during this fight. My recommendation is switching to the Piercer, Pump Charge, and Electric.variants. Once the battle with Flesh Prison ends, press escape to skip the cutscene. You may want to reposition yourself first or wait for your Railgun to recharge, but do keep in mind that the mission timer will continue during the cutscene, so you will waste some time if you don’t skip it immediately. Once the fight starts, you’ll have a short window of time to hit him with a charged shot from the Piercer and your Railgun before his first attack. In between Minos’s attacks, you’ll be wanting to lay into him with Shotgun rounds, Charged shots and Railguns blasts. Keep an eye on your Railgun’s recharge and use it as often as you can. 

Minos’s Attacks

“I End This Now”: This attack involves 4 melee moves, and after each swing Minos will teleport to you. These are pretty easy to dodge (you can honestly just walk backwards to avoid them), and his last hit allows for a parry. To best deal with this move, once he begins, switch to the Pump Charge and pump it twice. As soon as Minos appears in front of you for his 4th and final attack, shoot him to perform a Shotgun Parry and deal a great amount of damage. You can also dodge through him right after the parry to avoid damage. Minos will alter this attack should you be in the air during it. Instead of his 4 hit attack, he will instead do an uppercut, sending you both high into the arena should it connect. If he hit with the uppercut, he will then perform a downward swing sending you right back to the ground. If he misses with the upper cut, he may try to perform either “Crush” or “Die”. 
Uppercut and Downward-Smash: These 2 do not have any voiced tells, but instead give off a quick blue shine and whining noise before performing them. They are not particularly dangerous compared to the other attacks, but should still be avoided. He also may occasionally perform the uppercut if you are in the air during the fight, and may perform the downward swing if he is close enough to you while he is in the air. He can be pretty random with these, so stay on your toes. 
“Prepare Thy Self”: Similarly to the pervious move, the attack involves Minos teleporting for melee attacks, however he will only swing at you twice. After the third teleport he will launch a Snake Projectile right in front of you. The best solution is to dodge the first 2 attacks and try to dodge backwards right before the Snake Projectile comes out. 
Snake Projectile: Minos will occasionally send out these long, yellow, homing projectiles. His tell for this is not a voice line, but a glowing, contracting circle. These projectiles can be parried and sent right back to him, healing yourself and dealing a nice chunk of damage to Minos. Similarly to Flesh Prison, landing these parries are vital to killing Minos quickly. 
“Judgement”: Minos will get into a crouch start stance, before teleporting to your position and performing an explosive drop-kick. The drop-kick does not need to connect for the explosion to occur, so proper dodge timing is very important in avoiding this move. The amount of damage this move will do depends on how close you are the Minos when the explosion goes off. This attack can once again be parried with the Pump Charge and dodged through with proper timing. 
“Die” and “Crush”: Both of these attacks are very similar, so I have included them together. For both of these moves, Minos will either jump high in the air or (if he is already in the air) immediately say his voice line before attacking. During “Die”, Minos will perform a dive-kick at you, relative to your position. Minos may also perform “Die” right after “Judgement” if you are in the air. In “Crush” he will instead perform a knee-drop straight down. Minos will usually perform “Crush” if you are close enough under him. Both of these attacks will cause a shockwave to be sent out along the surface Minos lands on (as the dive-kick can strike the walls or ceiling depending on the angle you are in). The shockwave does around 25 damage if it touches you and if either the dive-kick or the knee-drop hits you directly, it could do upwards of 30 damage. Neither “Crush” nor “Die” can be parried, as the attacks land instantly. These attacks are very deadly and should be avoided at all costs. The best way to avoid these attacks is to perform a long jump away from where they will land. 

Second Phase

After Minos loses half his health, he will enter his second phase. He will indicate this by saying “Weak” and giving off a blue flaming aura for the remainder of the fight. Several of his attacks will be affected by entering this phase. Notably, he can not longer be parried during “I End This Now” and “Judgement”: He will also begin using his Snake Projectile more often and in the air, and will sometimes follow up with an attack right afterward. You’ll have to be a bit more cautious in this phase, but since he does send out more Snakes, you’ll have even more opportunities to regen your health and deal big damage to Minos. 


Once you kill Minos, the timer for the mission will stop, so you can hold tab to see your stats before the mission ends, allowing for you to know if you’ll need to restart if you didn’t make it in either Time or Style. As I mentioned before, you need to beat Minos before 3:33 to get S-Rank in that category. As for the style points, since you’ll be fighting constantly you’ll have to keep a high rank for a while in order to get enough points for an S-Rank in Style. Not much advice I can give in the style department, if you’ve gotten to P-1 then you know what kind of stuff you’ll need to do to get high-style. Ricochet a Railgun shot or two, do some Projectile Boosts and just avoid as much damage as possible. 
If you’ve achieved a S-Rank in both Time and Style, then congrats! Finish the level and secure your P-Rank for P-1. I hope this guide makes it worth your while and helps you in achieving your Perfection. There are definitely better ways to go about this fight than what I’ve listed, but this will hopefully serve you well enough to at least get you on the right track. I’ll probably see you all again whenever P-2 comes out. Probably. Happy Ultrakilling! 

Written by Crypto

Hope you enjoy the Guide about ULTRAKILL – How to get Perfect Rank on the Secret P-1 Level, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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