ULTRAKILL – Cheats to spawn soap

ULTRAKILL – Cheats to spawn soap 1 - steamlists.com
ULTRAKILL – Cheats to spawn soap 1 - steamlists.com

Ultrakill is possible with whiplash and soap.

What you will need to do this run

-Whiplash after the second fight with v2

-Cheats to make soap

How to activate cheats? First, go to Sandbox and press O. To keep cheats now go any level

The second way is to go to any level with your arrows, not letters up, down and down.

-s o a p

Rules and tips


You can only use soap and whiplash (whiplash enemy to make the soap last). You can lose the soap, but it will reset you and you’ll need to start over. Bosses can be done, but it’s a waste of time and a one-shot weapon.

Tips: Your annoying enemies will be streetcleaners or drones. Streetcleaners are able to dodge their first attack so attack them with soap again. Drones are annoying because they can whiplash you and explode.


Thank you for reading and please try this run

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Now clean them


Written by AR_zoper

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