The Last Spell – Best Economy Setup & Meta Progression

The Last Spell – Best Economy Setup & Meta Progression 2 -
The Last Spell – Best Economy Setup & Meta Progression 2 -

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Another question that gets often asked is how to set up the best economy in the course of.

There were many different ways of using global progress to explain the benefits of establishing an economic system that is based on a particular type. Problem is that the numbers don’t line up with Apocalypse 4. Another reason it is so difficult to create guides.

When I’m running, I’ll go with that personal plan:

1. 2 Weapon Sets per Hero

2. High Level Weapons (ideally Level 5 –

3. Equipment (and sometimes lower than Level 5 Weapons) with

3.1 +Multihit, +Propagation, +AP

3.2 +MP, +Crit, +DMG

3.3 +Isolation, +Opportunism, +Momentum

3.4 Rest

4. A Teleportation Skill/Perk/Scroll per Hero

You must prioritize the level 5 Gear access as quickly as you can. However, it is difficult to achieve this. This concept of “Value Per Worker” must be taken into consideration.

A mountain of Corpses is worth 40 gold + 70 Materials, or 2 Items which can be transformed into gold. Your employees compete against this. If you manage to achieve Mountain of Corpses consistently (like we discussed in the Wall section) you won’t encounter this issue.

Theory: Using that strategy, you want to keep your enemies as close to the haven as possible. It isn’t necessary to build a Seer, so if you do not build it, you will have more gold for the economy.

If you cannot afford a decent version of Mountain of Corpses, we need to look at alternatives.

1. Gold Mines

Gold Mines offer 40 Gold per worker and directly rival Mountain of Corpses.

2. Shop Keepers Friend

You don’t have to sell Items immediatly. You can make your items saleable by waiting until you reach the maximum value of the Shopkeeper’s Selling Price (also when you use the Shopkeeper Omen).

In the final game, a rare Level 5 item Selling Price starts at 60 gold.

Another reason to get to Level 5 Items as fast as you can, the value per worker will increase to 60 Gold.

3. Low Panic Level

Yes playing well is a good way to earn steady Gold Income. If that means you have to sacrifice workers here and there to give your heroes more health or mana, so be it. Every Gold that is rewarded with a low panic level is an investment well-invested worker.

A great way to start an economic enterprise is to eliminate all unnecessary items, open 1 or 2 Gold Mines and then focus on building an Mountain of Corpses.

You’d like to purchase a worker on 40 gold per use of the Gold Mine to increase the number of workers you have.

You can buy back Items you’ve sold for the same amount.

Therefore, you should put your money into the economic growth, so that you can get gold out of the economy to buy your items.

You can directly invest in any Production Building Equipment Level If you are able to provide a decent value per Worker.

I would place Magic Shop at the top of the most important Production Buildings.

Bowyer and Armor Shop follow.

Then comes Jeweler and Weaponsmith.

Actually, as I write this, another discordant is working out an economic strategy that requires no workers to implement.

Meta Progression

The Last Spell - Best Economy Setup & Meta Progression - Meta Progression - 335FD01

I realized that the Apoc Hardcore Challenge is a fantastic way to gain 80percent of all Meta Progress. It’s incredible how many Essences you’ll receive.

If you’re having trouble with the game, it’ll take longer. Priorities are key here.

You will eventually realize that certain styles are more beneficial for you than others. Your preferences will differ from one player to the next and most definitely from difficulty to difficulty.

Here’s the important part: The more rare more valuable

Once you have them, you need to focus on “More Uncommon Level Ups” and “More Rare Level Ups” and on “More Uncommon Items”, “More Rare Items,” and “More Epic Items”. Meta Progressions.

Rare Level Ups give players with the ability to boost AP, Propagation Bounce and Multihit Attributes.

Epic Items are among the most expensive weapons you can sell in the Shop.

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