The Last Spell – Damage Codewise Description

The Last Spell – Damage Codewise Description 3 -
The Last Spell – Damage Codewise Description 3 -

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Theory: To get better guns, you need fast access to High-Level guns.

Code of Damage

The Last Spell - Damage Codewise Description - Damage Codewise - 02AEC3A
There are many factors that can be considered when assessing the damage. The Damage is multiplicative and not additive. This is the Damage Formular Codewise.

([Base damage x Attribute damage x Damage x Isolation x Opportunism x Momentum x Perks(Total Damage) x Resistance] - Block) x Critical = Dealt Damage


Name Description
Base Damage The weapon’s range damage is 0. Codewise, the minimum damage equals 0 while the maximum damage equals 1. The system “chooses” a number between 0-1, and applies it to the damage range.
Attribute Damage Is the Multiplicator for Physical, Ranged, or Magical Damage.
Damage Multiplies Damage to any type of damage and is therefore the most versatile.
Isolation Only triggers if a unit can be isolated.
Opportunism Triggers if any negative alliteration has been used
Momentum Only triggers on skills that are related to momentum.
Total Damage Perks are the only way to get all Total Damages.
Resistance The incoming damage is reduced by applying resistance to a target. In reverse, a target’s Resistance can be reduced below 0% to increase its incoming damage.
Block Blocks Maximum Capacity is 100 It is useful in small numbers, but loses its effectiveness when used in large numbers.
Critical It is guaranteed at 100% It multiplies with the Critical Damage Increase Multiplicator.

2Example: The Range of Damage is 100-200. The system will choose 0,5 and Base Damage will be 150.

3The 4 negative alliterations include: Stun, Poison Debuff, Poison and Contamination

Theory: Even small numbers can cause insanely high damage outputs. Therefore, you should have at least one Damage Multiplicator, if they are available.

Some people will take any Attribute increasing Omens they can to compensate.

Concerning the question of how Criticals work in Propagation, the Code Team provided this statement:

The Last Spell - Damage Codewise Description - Damage Codewise - E1A3F3D


Base Damage is the most consistent Damage Increase and is located in the Range Damage section of a weapon.

Range Damage for a Wand Tier 0 is between 60-80

The Range Damage of a Wand Tier 1 ranges from 67 to 89

Don’t fall for the lure of Damage Multipliers on this weapon.

Wand Tier 0 has +10% damage as an attribute

60-80 *1,1=66-88 Damage in Total Wand Tier 1 (67-89)

Conclusion: The Wand Tier 1 IS superior


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